Monday, July 30, 2012

Gays, stop BULLYING the Chick-Fil-A dude!


Here we go again with the Nazi-gays, pitch forks and torches in hand, once again going after Dan Cathy, CEO of Chic-Fil-A!  Last I checked he has the RIGHT to his stance on gay marriage. Mr. Cathy’s view is shared by millions and it is faith based for many.

Why are people constantly being asked to forgo their religious beliefs over so called gay marriage? This seems to be an all or nothing issue for Nazi-gays? Why? Why is there no consideration for a person wanting to be faithful to the word of God?

Given our current economic climate, are these Nazi-gays really calling for a boycott? Really? Over a CEO’s personal view on gay marriage? That’s pretty immature. I’m sure at least one gay person (probably more) works for Chic-Fil-A; so, calling for a boycott is a GREAT way to secure his/her job (written with sarcasm, of course).

Until gay people realize that acceptance, tolerance and such can NOT be legislated, or forced upon others, we will never have our kumbaya moment. Many of us simply refuse to allow ourselves to be TERRORIZED or BULLYIED into a non heart felt, for the sake of political correctness agreement so that a select few can be appeased.  Hell, some gay people don’t even believe in “gay marriage”.

The gay community is always screaming about tolerance, but are mute when when it comes time for them to extend the same courtesy.  Going on  “terror tantrums” and calling people hateful names really does not help the gay cause (whatever that is). 

And for the record, opposing gay marriage DOES…. NOT…. EQUAL…..HATE!  Gay people can call their union whatever they like, but they need to accept that they do not have the right to decide that others must use the same definition.

Quite frankly, these little terror tantrums are getting old and boring. The majority of people are basically being asked to go against their faith.  And even in the absence of faith, no one group of people should have the right to dictate to others how marriage is defined.  The liberal political pets are always such a self centered group of beings; it’s unbelievable. Soon more and more people will tire of this selfish nonsense.

The moment a person says something that gays don’t like, they are labeled as homophobic. When Barack Obama publicly stated that he opposed gay marriage, why didn’t the Nazi-gays go after him? The answer: because the Nazi-gays are the real haters and a bunch of hypocrites and wimps!

The real insult came from Obama when he changed his stance on gay marriage from opposing it to accepting it.  It was a blatant political move to shore up the gay vote. That was the real insult!   That act by Obama proved that he doesn’t care about the ‘gay cause”, or any other cause for that matter. He’s simply  playing a game of political chess.

Do not be fooled for one minute that liberals are so concerned over gay marriage.  This issue is so beyond gay marriage that even Ray Charles can see what’s really up (and he’s blind and dead).   The gay marriage issue is a front to continue the war on Christianity. This is why Christians are constantly being asked to “ignore” their beliefs.  And as usual, liberals are using gays the way they use all of their other political pets.

I hope that  Mr. Cathy continues to state his beliefs, very loudly and very clearly.  I certainly will.  Marriage is between a man and a woman so says the word of God, and no one can make me view it differently…and I WILL NOT allow ANYONE to define me as hateful because of my beliefs.

By the way, those Chick-Fil-A waffle fries are to die for! They will make you wanna slap yo’ Momma!