Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Why Black History Month is an Insult.


“African American” History month is an extension of Negro History Week, which was founded by Carter G. Woodson. The first celebration of Negro History Week was in February of 1926. The month of February was chosen so that the celebration would coincide with the birthdates of Abraham Lincoln and Fredrick Douglas.

Carter G. Woodson was born in Virginia, in 1875, to former slaves. He grew up to become a Harvard trained historian who believed that he could only escape poverty through education. He also believed that un-denied truth would prevail over prejudice, so he set out to establish a way to disseminate the historical contributions of “African Americans”. Through his determination, along with the determination of Minister Jesse E. Moorland, the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History (ASNLH) was established. It was this association that sponsored the first Negro History Week in 1926. Today, this association is known as the Association for the study of “African-American” Life and History.

In 1976, the celebration of Negro History week, expanded into “African American” History Month, coinciding with the nation’s bicentennial. Starting with Gerald Ford, every American President since 1976 has officially designated the month of February as “African American” History Month. The United Kingdom and Canada have also designated a month to celebrate this history.

I applaud Carter G. Woodson’s efforts to make sure that the more than substantial contributions made by Black Americans would not be lost. However, by this time, the contributions made by Blacks, from Crispus Attucks to Dr. Ben Carson, should be taught in mainstream education, and be a part of the normal American history curriculum. If this history is not being taught as part of the main curriculum... why not?  If it is being done (I don’t believe that it is), why do we need a month dedicated to Blacks?

To separate Blacks from AMERICAN history is a major insult in my eyes. Those Blacks WERE Americans who deserve the same recognition of any other American making history. For many Blacks, they were not even considered human, so separating them at this point in history books is not only an insult, it’s unforgivable. It’s a form of segregation. Out ancestors, of All hues, worked to mold this country into the greatest nation on the planet, so, why are we still carving out a month of each year for some? It’s an insult as it suggests that Blacks in history are only a footnote.

I’m not looking for special consideration of Blacks…. that’s what Black History month is.  I’m suggesting that someone like Captain Robert Smalls should be discussed when discussing the Civil War… he certainly earned his spot in the history books. Come on! It’s 2012! Blacks who are happy with anything less than equality in the history books have fallen to the soft bigotry of lowered expectations.

Perhaps the first step towards integrating all Americans in history books is for Blacks and other minorities to stop hyphenating. Stop referring to yourself as ________-Americans. We’re all Americans.  Our ancestors sacrificed a lot for us to be here, so embrace it.

Mr. Woodson was correct when he said “un-denied truth would prevail over prejudice”. It is the opinion of some that truth has been denied; seemingly on purpose. It seems impossible that this copious and rich history has been evaded by accident. Perhaps some are afraid that true history shows Blacks as strong, Christian, fighters, achievers, business owners, military personnel, authors, doctors, lawyers, slave owners, slave traders, and politicians (amongst other things). I guess it would be hard to promote a mentality of victimhood once you know the stock from which you came… and truth!

I believe that if our children were taught that Whites were the first slaves in this country; that the first slave ship was rejected; that slavery was initially determined by religious and class status, not skin color; that Antonio the Negro was the first documented, outright slave owner; that Blacks were more than slaves; that the Republican party was formed to end slavery and that the Democrat party started the KKK to harass Republicans… we would begin to heal as a nation in ways you could not imagine. That prejudice that exudes from many Americans, of every shade these days, would be a rare occurrence. Truth must have it‘s day if we hope to unite as a nation. 

Our history is well rounded. There is a lot of beauty mixed in with the ugly, but to this day, too much focus is given to the ugly parts of our history. Until unadulterated, true history is taught, we will retain the negative impact of racial divide and prejudice in our society, because even if you can teach history in a day, a week, a month or for years… when it’s revised, hidden or stolen… what good is it?

I challenge Black parents to ask your  children who Crispus Attucks, Captain Robert Smalls, Phyllis Wheatley, Elizabeth Keckly, Rev. Jonas Clark, James Armistead Lafayette, Benjamin Banneker,  John Rock or Antonio the Negro was. If they don’t know, not only has the school system and society failed, so have you because the responsibility of educating starts and ends in the home.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What We Have Become


We have gone from fighting for our freedom to giving it up to be controlled by the government; specifically, the political party that enslaved and murdered our ancestors.

We have gone from working hard to achieve success regardless of our circumstance,  to using our circumstance as an excuse to not work hard.

We have gone from striving for self sufficiency to being content with and dependent on governmental insufficiency.

We have gone from fighting to keep our families together to willfully creating life for a financial pittance handed to us by the government.

We have gone from fighting and literally dying to be educated, to allowing our children to drop out of school and enter prison at astronomical rates.

We have gone from believing in God or being true to our faith, to believing in and putting our faith in a political party, specifically the one that has and still is committing atrocities against our race.

We have gone from fighting for equal rights to accepting special rights, as if we are incapable of competing based on our own intellectual abilities.

We have become confortable in using slavery as an excuse to do nothing.

We have become comfortable wallowing in a perpetual state of victimhood.

We have become comfortable with excusing away our bad and barbaric behavior, often finding a way to invoke racism, instead of holding people accountable for their actions.

We have embraced a secular culture that is antithetical to our Christian beliefs and as a result, we have lost the ability to be ashamed of our actions. 

What we need to do now is focus on our youth. We need to reintroduce shame, especially in an era of all of these “this and that housewife” shows;  few male role models in the home, and secular churches. 

If we don’t focus on our youth enough  to at least plant the seeds of what decency and morality really is; or to show them how to think critically, I’ll  hate to see what we will become as a nation in the next 20 – 30 years.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Piss Away, Marines…. Oorah!


Here we go again! Another attempt to paint our military men as evil, ruthless, mindless warmongers!  Well, it’s going to take more than a picture or video of Marines pissing on dead Taliban soldiers. Don’t forget that these Marines are the pissers because they killed the Taliban fighters before they could kill them.

Any media outlet attempting to make this story a big deal is pathetic. Occupy Wall Street participants, pooped on police cars, the US flag and anything else they could hang their buttholes over, but the media barely mentioned their disgusting behavior, but they will put our military men and women on the front page for public hanging.

If I were a Marine or soldier out on the battlefield, I’d piss on the enemies too.  We expect our warriors to go out there and act all prim and proper all the time, yet we have NO idea what they see and encounter on a daily basis. Let’s NOT forget that people are trying to kill them EVERYDAY!

This matter should be dealt with internally by the military and it needs to drop out of public view. If these Marines must be punished for their deeds, which was probably an attempt to relieve stress and/or anger, give them a Charlie Rangel punishment… you know, a stern reprimand…  “don’t do that again, Marine”.  Censure them and call it a day.

I for one will not allow the press to determine what I think about any given issue. They are incredibly biased and only report in ways that will promote their “opinions” or political leanings.  Face it folks, we do not have a free and unbiased press.  Oh… and this is a dot… connect it!

Most importantly… where are the complaining “victims”? Marines pissed on dead terrorists… booooo-hooooo! When our Marines start beheading people or strapping bombs on children and the mentally retarded, I’ll write another blog about their behavior, but for now…. piss away, Marines! Oorah! Always be the PISSER, and never the PISSEE!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This Chic-fil-A story is not about racism; it’s about politics!


Was the Chic-fil-A cashier stupid for referring to Asian customers as Ching and Chong on their receipts?  Does doing such a thing make that cashier incredibly stupid? Hell yes! Does that make the person a racist? Not necessarily.

How many times have you said something “off color” or inappropriate? If you’re being honest, your answer is many times! I know I have been inappropriate many times, and I’m an equal opportunity offender. My comments made in jest, to a selected group of people that I trust; do not make me racist.  I don’t go around making racially inflammatory comments all willy-nilly, and I certainly wouldn’t do such a thing at work under any circumstance, but around friends and family… yeah, I’ve said some things that would end my campaign if I were running for a public office!

Booooo to that cashier!  What were you thinking, dude? You don’t write that kind of thing on a customer’s receipt! You save those kind of jokes for close friends and family!  How were you raised?

Actually, I think this story is racist! According to “The Source”? Is that the victim… “The Source”… sounds too much like soy Sauce to me!  Did this incident even happen? I’m not convinced!

Anywho, given the severe issues we face today, like our economy being in the toilet and Iran being on the verge of getting nuclear weapons, I’m shocked that this story captured the attention of mainstream media. GASP! Could we be seeing this report because the Chic-fil-A Corporation-Person is pro Christianity and pro traditional marriage? Is Chic-fil-A being targeted politically?  I betcha they are!  Attention ill-informed… this is a dot… connect it!

I know one thing…and that is people need to lighten up! I love me a Chic-fil-A chicken sandwich with waffle fries, so BACK OFF liberal media! Don’t make me CLUCK you up!

Is Michelle the Victim of a Racist Stereotype?


Gayle King recently interviewed Michelle Obama and the conversation turned towards comments purportedly made in the book “The Obamas”, written by a former White House insider. Apparently, Michelle Obama is being painted as unhappy, frustrated, feeling burdened and angry.

Michelle Obama basically denied that there have been abnormal upheavals between her and White House staff members.  During the interview Michelle stated that from the time Barack Obama announced his candidacy, “that’s the image they have tried to paint me as… this angry black woman”. 

We don’t know what takes place behind those White House doors, but just as with other administrations, juicy tidbits, accusations and facts are bound to come out. We can only take that information and apply our common sense to determine what makes sense to us.

Something that helps us discern what is truth or fiction with these tell-tell books are the actual words of the subjects. In Michelle’s case, she has said some things that could lead some to believe that she probably is angry and frustrated. Remember that Carla Bruini, France’s first lady, disclosed in her book what Michelle Obama said about being America’s first lady “it’s hell. I can’t stand it”.  Are both of these authors lying?  They could probably sell just as many books with a feel-good take on Michelle/The Obamas.

What about Michelle’s public statements?  Remember when she said  “For the first time in my adult life, I’m proud of my country”?  And… “America is a downright mean country”?   Don’t forget the comment “All of this just for a flag?” at a 9/11 ceremony. 

It’s very plausible that Michelle Obama harbors anti-American sentiments after sitting in  Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church, with her husband, listening to his incendiary comments for so many years. When you sit and listen to hate for so long, it seems reasonable that some of the venom will get into your system and stay there.

My best guess is that Michelle probably can be very difficult to deal with. Her facial gestures and body language is not warm and inviting.  Mix the non verbal communications with the verbal communications and  you get an image of a volatile Michelle.

Playing the race card is certainly not going to help  her. The comments in the book “The Obamas” came from someone on her side of the aisle; so, who is the “they” that she believes is trying to paint her as an angry black woman?  Interjecting the racial element only makes here look “angry”.   Think about it… what does she have to be pissed off about… the multi million dollar vacations?  Why would such a persona be attributed to her out of the blue? I know people lie, but there are many pieces to this puzzle that in my eyes, do not match Michelle’s explanation.

Actually, I can see how all of the parties, vacations and managing personal groomers and other staff  at taxpayer’s expense can be frustrating and burdensome! The stress and exhaustion from the jet-setting and shopping for cheap nine hundred dollar knock off purses would make anyone unhappy!  Leave her alone racist people!  She is a strong Black woman, who has a right and perhaps in her mind, a reason to be angry!

Monday, January 9, 2012


I want to do whatever I want, when I want and I don’t want to be judged for, or made to feel bad about my actions.

I want to be told I’ve done a good job even though I have not.

I want a ribbon even if I lose the race so I won’t fee bad.

I want others to pay for my mistakes.

I don’t want to be held accountable for my actions because it would make me feel bad.

I’m a victim of my own mistakes and feel others should be responsible for fixing my mistakes.

I’m a victim of past transgressions and deserve special rights.

I’m different and I deserve special rights.

I feel all of us are victims of something, and therefore, the legal system punishes too harshly.

I feel that Blacks are victims of slavery…. still.

I don’t believe Blacks can be racist.

I feel some people just need more help than others and that help should be provided by the government.

I’m comfortable with the majority loosing rights, if it benefits me.

I’m for making the majority of people feel uncomfortable if it makes a few more comfortable.

I feel it’s unfair that those who work harder than me have more than me.

I shouldn’t have to earn what I deserve.

I’m entitled to great things, at any cost, unless I have to pay that cost.

I feel a human baby growing inside its mother is not a life, but an acorn is.

I feel most people are incapable of making intelligent decisions, so I must think for them.

I believe in God  but, the ideology of my political party is more important than God’s word.

This Conservative does not FEEL or BELIEVE that Liberals hear themselves when they speak.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stop Tail-Tucking and Ditching Candidates!


Now that Rick Santorum is rising in the polls, and since he just rose from  political murk to land a very taut second place finish in the Iowa Caucasus,  the slander and smear machines are already cranking up to start tearing him down. Seems the moment a candidate becomes a blip on the political radar, they become targets.  I knew it wouldn’t take long before the mud started to fly, but now I’m  wondering just how fast it will take Republicans to tuck their tails and run from the controversy and accusations that are inevitable.

It doesn’t seem to matter if accusations are factual or fabricated. Many Republicans will quickly, and undoubtedly scurry off the scene when the going gets tough.  Ask Herman Cain about that.

Liberals know good and well that all they have to do is call the GOP candidate a racist, a homophobe or in Cain’s case, a sex crazed womanizer, and not only will the candidate usually cave, but so will their supporters… with supporters usually being the first to throw in the towel!  It seems we have not learned to hang in there when the going gets tough. I hate to say it, but we can learn a lot from Liberals when it comes to selecting a candidate, and sticking with them through thick or thin. If Obama had raped a toddler in a public square, liberal pundits would have spun the event successfully before Obama zipped his pants up. The voters, media,  and all other Obama supporters would stick by him, and defend him to the bitter end.

I am in NO WAY suggesting that we should support ANY candidate under ANY circumstance. We must always be moral and prudent when choosing candidates for any office, but we should always have PROOF before we start dropping our candidates faster than a pimp drops a useless hoe. Dirty tactics will be employed by the masters of the game… expect it and be ready and most importantly, wait for the facts and demand proof of wrongdoing!

To give you an example of what the dirty Left is capable of, check out what was said about Santorum and how he handled the death of his baby boy, Gabriel. Gabriel was born in 1996, but died shortly after birth.  The Santorums took their deceased baby home with them to make him  a  reality for their other children and to give him a funeral.  Well, Lefty talk show host Alan Colmes stated that Santorum’s popularity would end once people realized some of the crazy things he has said and done. Colmes went on to discuss the 1996 death of  little Gabriel this way…..

“once they get a load of some of the crazy things he’s said and done, like taking his two-hour-old baby who died right after childbirth home and played with it for a couple hours so his other children would know that the child was real…”

Vile words, said in a vile context and with a vile intent, don’t you think?  But I suppose honoring  Gabriel and treating him like a part of the family (which he was) would be crazy to someone who supports killing babies by ripping them out of  the mother’s womb. There’s certainly much, much more to come from the morally destitute Lefties. Don’t believe me? Check out this video of Santorum making a “racist” comment:

Not everything is racism…. please apply critical thinking!

 I realize that the GOP candidates not only run against their liberal opponents, but they are also fighting a liberal media, and the smear-mongers. Let’s not make them fight for our support as well.   When things start heating up, and we know they will because “dung is slung” from both sides of the aisle these days, (ask Newt Gingrich about that),  hang in there until there is  irrefutable proof of wrongdoing, or until it’s clear that the candidate is simply being targeted for a political smack down. 

In other words folks, don’t tuck your tails between your legs and run like wimpy little puppies anymore.  We’re in a fight here!  We know the swamp gates will be opened, so brace yourselves for the onslaught, but remain strong.

To get the inescapable smear campaign started, I will use a joke that I stole from my friend Mark Forsland:  “Breaking news...... Rick Santorum had an affair with Herman Cain when he was a delivery boy for Godfather's Pizza.”  And…. we’re….OFF!!!!!