Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Is Michelle the Victim of a Racist Stereotype?


Gayle King recently interviewed Michelle Obama and the conversation turned towards comments purportedly made in the book “The Obamas”, written by a former White House insider. Apparently, Michelle Obama is being painted as unhappy, frustrated, feeling burdened and angry.

Michelle Obama basically denied that there have been abnormal upheavals between her and White House staff members.  During the interview Michelle stated that from the time Barack Obama announced his candidacy, “that’s the image they have tried to paint me as… this angry black woman”. 

We don’t know what takes place behind those White House doors, but just as with other administrations, juicy tidbits, accusations and facts are bound to come out. We can only take that information and apply our common sense to determine what makes sense to us.

Something that helps us discern what is truth or fiction with these tell-tell books are the actual words of the subjects. In Michelle’s case, she has said some things that could lead some to believe that she probably is angry and frustrated. Remember that Carla Bruini, France’s first lady, disclosed in her book what Michelle Obama said about being America’s first lady “it’s hell. I can’t stand it”.  Are both of these authors lying?  They could probably sell just as many books with a feel-good take on Michelle/The Obamas.

What about Michelle’s public statements?  Remember when she said  “For the first time in my adult life, I’m proud of my country”?  And… “America is a downright mean country”?   Don’t forget the comment “All of this just for a flag?” at a 9/11 ceremony. 

It’s very plausible that Michelle Obama harbors anti-American sentiments after sitting in  Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church, with her husband, listening to his incendiary comments for so many years. When you sit and listen to hate for so long, it seems reasonable that some of the venom will get into your system and stay there.

My best guess is that Michelle probably can be very difficult to deal with. Her facial gestures and body language is not warm and inviting.  Mix the non verbal communications with the verbal communications and  you get an image of a volatile Michelle.

Playing the race card is certainly not going to help  her. The comments in the book “The Obamas” came from someone on her side of the aisle; so, who is the “they” that she believes is trying to paint her as an angry black woman?  Interjecting the racial element only makes here look “angry”.   Think about it… what does she have to be pissed off about… the multi million dollar vacations?  Why would such a persona be attributed to her out of the blue? I know people lie, but there are many pieces to this puzzle that in my eyes, do not match Michelle’s explanation.

Actually, I can see how all of the parties, vacations and managing personal groomers and other staff  at taxpayer’s expense can be frustrating and burdensome! The stress and exhaustion from the jet-setting and shopping for cheap nine hundred dollar knock off purses would make anyone unhappy!  Leave her alone racist people!  She is a strong Black woman, who has a right and perhaps in her mind, a reason to be angry!

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