Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This Chic-fil-A story is not about racism; it’s about politics!


Was the Chic-fil-A cashier stupid for referring to Asian customers as Ching and Chong on their receipts?  Does doing such a thing make that cashier incredibly stupid? Hell yes! Does that make the person a racist? Not necessarily.

How many times have you said something “off color” or inappropriate? If you’re being honest, your answer is many times! I know I have been inappropriate many times, and I’m an equal opportunity offender. My comments made in jest, to a selected group of people that I trust; do not make me racist.  I don’t go around making racially inflammatory comments all willy-nilly, and I certainly wouldn’t do such a thing at work under any circumstance, but around friends and family… yeah, I’ve said some things that would end my campaign if I were running for a public office!

Booooo to that cashier!  What were you thinking, dude? You don’t write that kind of thing on a customer’s receipt! You save those kind of jokes for close friends and family!  How were you raised?

Actually, I think this story is racist! According to “The Source”? Is that the victim… “The Source”… sounds too much like soy Sauce to me!  Did this incident even happen? I’m not convinced!

Anywho, given the severe issues we face today, like our economy being in the toilet and Iran being on the verge of getting nuclear weapons, I’m shocked that this story captured the attention of mainstream media. GASP! Could we be seeing this report because the Chic-fil-A Corporation-Person is pro Christianity and pro traditional marriage? Is Chic-fil-A being targeted politically?  I betcha they are!  Attention ill-informed… this is a dot… connect it!

I know one thing…and that is people need to lighten up! I love me a Chic-fil-A chicken sandwich with waffle fries, so BACK OFF liberal media! Don’t make me CLUCK you up!


  1. Nice catch there! You provided an "ah-ha" truth! BTW, I love the "Cluck you up"! The liberal media needs to really Cluck off on this one!

  2. Hey you! Ye they do need to cluck off! lol... "bedda leave my chicken alone" ha!