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Vanessa Anderson

Live Your Values Out Loud!
I am a proud Conservative because I've allowed my faith to shape my moral and political views. I work as a Character Development Consultant. What this means is that I help individuals, especially women and Black women in particular, understand the importance of living their Christian values. When one lives their values, it makes life easier, prevents a lot of unnecessary heartache and it brings peace, joy, clarity and economic and mental wealth. It is critical that women (and young girls) realize their self worth. 

While my messages are universal, I focus on Blacks for two reasons: I'm Black and Democrats have focused on Blacks for hundreds of years and the results of that focus are horrific. I want to help emancipate Blacks from economic slavery that the deceptions of Democrats have created for many of us. As a race, we are politically impotent because one party takes our vote for granted and the other believes they will never have it again. The result of this quagmire is powerlessness and unchanged circumstances for those who should matter the most...the constituency. 

Harriet Tubman freed herself from slavery and then risked her life by going back into slave territory 19 times to lead others to freedom. She was an amazingly brave woman. Sadly, I see many people everyday that should follow Harriet… and perhaps they would if only they knew they were slaves.

As a nation, it’s time for us to re-evaluate our values, toss what is ungodly and embrace God’s guidance and be driven by values that are biblically sound. The benefit of doing this will create individuals who are their own fisherman, which ultimately leads to a more prosperous, functional, united and healed nation… and who wouldn’t want that!?

Huffington Post Article:  http://huffingtonpostunionofbloggers.org/2011/11/29/african-american-conservative-vanessa-anderson-has-much-to-say-about-the-state-of-black-america/

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