Monday, December 16, 2013

Memorializing Mandela

Nelson Mandela was a _________________________ man. What goes in the blank depends on who you ask. After hearing him memorialized on mainstream media, one would think he was a perfect human being…a spotless saint. But anyone with an iota of intelligence knows that’s not true; it wouldn’t be true for anyone.

The world is being done an injustice greater than apartheid by not divulging the ENTIRE truth about Mandela. Withholding the complete truth only creates or perpetuates mindsets that are counterproductive to freedom. Teach TRUE history and give people the FREEDOM to draw their own conclusions instead of force feeding one sided point of views. One should always be cautious of one-sided tales. The problem these days is that most people simply accept what is fed to them by mainstream media. I guess it’s just too much of a burden to seek out information on your own. However, I need truth, because truth is indeed powerful enough to set you free.

It doesn’t take much research to realize that the man some call the “Father of a Nation” quite far from sainthood. Since the mainstream media has done nothing but shine Mandela’s halo, I will be the bad guy and point out some facts about Mandela that you many or may not have heard. It is always up to the individual to form their own opinions… it’s just that I believe opinions should be formed based upon facts and complete details.

MOST believe that Mandela was arrested SOLELY because of his fight against apartheid and for his Communist political beliefs. This is simply not true. He was actually a terrorist. In fact, the evidence of his terrorism wasn’t so strong; Amnesty International wouldn’t even consider him a political prisoner.

Mandela was arrested and charged with 193 acts of terrorism between 1961 and 1963. He was caught trying to smuggle, prepare, or manufacture Soviet made munitions that included over 200,000 hand-grenades, 48,000 anti-personnel mines, 144 tons of ammonium- nitrate, 21.6 tons of aluminum powder, and 1,500 timing devices. In other words, he was planning to do a LOT of damage.

Perhaps he later became a non-violent man, but the munitions he was found with certainly refute that he was a peace loving man his whole life. Mandela was in prison for 27 years, and each year he was offered his freedom if he would only denounce violence and the terrorism being carried out by the ANC (African National Congress)…. but he would not.

Let us not forget that during his trial, Mandela ADMITTED to his dirty deeds. He plead guilty to 156 of the counts against him. He was the ruler and co-founder of the African National Congress (ANC), more specifically, Umkhonto we Sizwe which was the armed wing of the ANC (means "Spear of the Nation"). While there is no evidence that Mandela ever personally murdered anyone, the ANC, under Mandela’s orders was responsible for killing thousands of people. A series of bombs were set off in Johannesburg and surrounding areas by the ANC, killing and/or injuring hundreds of people…. many were women and children.

Mandela was also charged with sabotage and trying to over throw the government. He was on a quest for power, which is typical of a Communist. Communism has never worked anywhere it has been tried. Study the current plight of blacks in South Africa or the people of any nation that is under Communist rule and tell me if they are truly free? Under Communism, Citizens are virtually slaves because the government owns everything and creates all the rules that one must live by. Was Mandela really fighting for the freedom of his people, or simply for a different type of rule over his people; a rule where HE had the power? He did eventually get that power when he became the first black president in South Africa from 1994-1999.

In an attempt to ensure that the ANC became THE political party, it is reported that the military wing (Umkhonto we Sizwe) set out to remove those in opposition of the ANC, specifically those of the Zulu Inkatha party, which was one of the two largest “black” parties; Xhosa (Mandela’s party, ruled by the ANC) was the other. It is estimated that roughly 50,000 Zulus’ were killed by the ANC. The violence against the Zulu’s started in 1944 and lasted over a two year span leading to elections. Mandela was ordering these attacks.

Maybe prison changed Mandela’s violent nature. He did divorce his wife Winnie due to here demonic punishments of her adversaries. She is infamous for ‘necklacing”. This is a method of murder where a tire that is filled with gasoline, placed around a person and then ignited. I found no evidence of Mandela participating in these acts and they were carried out during the time he was already in prison.

There is MUCH history to be learned about Mandela and Apartheid and the massive amounts of information can never be captured completely in a blog. There was exponential violence by both Mandela’s party and the White majority government. The South African government was by no means innocent. Both Mandela and those in charge of the National Party (established “White” government) have blood on their hands.

I set out to understand a bit more of South Africa’s history and the role Mandela played. But, most importantly, I was able to reiterate my belief that as long as there are those desiring to stick their big, fat, black, white or any shade in between NOSES into the lives of others, and in the process of that intrusion, begin to take away what God gave to each of us…..which is freedom….. the blood baths, violence, hatred and power struggles like the one that took place in South Africa will never be done … they will only become more brutal. The next one will be bloodier than the last one and given the massive intrusions by our own government as it grows more communist each day, that next battle just might go down right here in the good old US of A.

Let me clearly state that the notion of apartheid is nauseating. Had I been born a South African, I would have fought for my freedom legally and violently if necessary. Had I been around during the time of Nat Turner, you can bet your last dollar that I would have ridden with him. However, Mandela’s lust seemed to be more for power than for the freedom of a nation or “his people”. Liberation is not in gaining freedom for one race while enslaving, demonizing or “getting even” with another.

If only Mandela had fought to allow people to be free to live their lives without government intrusion; to rise and fall on their own volition, or lack thereof, and to be responsible for their actions, blacks in South Africa would most likely have faired much better than they have to date. That’s what he should have fought for…true freedom, for blacks and whites alike, but he did not.

The quest for power, especially under a Communist regime is like a vampire’s bite… it can “ turn” a man from a well meaning do-gooder, into a power hungry, insatiable monster. This is one of the reasons why I don’t idolize man. Man will ALWAYS falter…some worse than others. God created me free…. only man stands in the way of that, so I am very cautious of man.

Mandela was merely a man. He did a lot of harm. I can’t discount or marginalize the killing of innocent people. He was no saint, so I will never treat him like one. He is a manufactured, flawless hero created by communist/liberal ideologues and he actually did some good. He helped make apartheid in his country a national debate. But for me, the bad deeds are so severe that they negate anything that others might consider good or great.

You’ve already heard the wonderful side of this man, now you’ve heard about his dark side, so fill in the blank.


  1. The Dutch Church was completely in support of apartheid. The US turned its back on South Africa, tea party golden boy racist Reagan was not too fond of Mandela, and Castro actually helped him when the US turned our backs on him. No wonder Mandela was never fond of visiting us. By the way our founding fathers were labled traitors and terrorists as well. One group's terrorist is another group's hero.

  2. If your foot is on my neck, you are my enemy as well as anyone that assists in perpetuating your actions. On the other hand, if you help remove that foot from my neck, then you are my friend regardless of your political beliefs. Now I can breathe and then maybe think about other things.

  3. If your foot is on my neck, you are my enemy as well as anyone that assists in perpetuating your actions. On the other hand, if you help remove that foot from my neck, then you are my friend regardless of your political beliefs. Now I can breathe and then maybe think about other things.