Monday, December 16, 2013

Memorializing Mandela

Nelson Mandela was a _________________________ man. What goes in the blank depends on who you ask. After hearing him memorialized on mainstream media, one would think he was a perfect human being…a spotless saint. But anyone with an iota of intelligence knows that’s not true; it wouldn’t be true for anyone.

The world is being done an injustice greater than apartheid by not divulging the ENTIRE truth about Mandela. Withholding the complete truth only creates or perpetuates mindsets that are counterproductive to freedom. Teach TRUE history and give people the FREEDOM to draw their own conclusions instead of force feeding one sided point of views. One should always be cautious of one-sided tales. The problem these days is that most people simply accept what is fed to them by mainstream media. I guess it’s just too much of a burden to seek out information on your own. However, I need truth, because truth is indeed powerful enough to set you free.

It doesn’t take much research to realize that the man some call the “Father of a Nation” quite far from sainthood. Since the mainstream media has done nothing but shine Mandela’s halo, I will be the bad guy and point out some facts about Mandela that you many or may not have heard. It is always up to the individual to form their own opinions… it’s just that I believe opinions should be formed based upon facts and complete details.

MOST believe that Mandela was arrested SOLELY because of his fight against apartheid and for his Communist political beliefs. This is simply not true. He was actually a terrorist. In fact, the evidence of his terrorism wasn’t so strong; Amnesty International wouldn’t even consider him a political prisoner.

Mandela was arrested and charged with 193 acts of terrorism between 1961 and 1963. He was caught trying to smuggle, prepare, or manufacture Soviet made munitions that included over 200,000 hand-grenades, 48,000 anti-personnel mines, 144 tons of ammonium- nitrate, 21.6 tons of aluminum powder, and 1,500 timing devices. In other words, he was planning to do a LOT of damage.

Perhaps he later became a non-violent man, but the munitions he was found with certainly refute that he was a peace loving man his whole life. Mandela was in prison for 27 years, and each year he was offered his freedom if he would only denounce violence and the terrorism being carried out by the ANC (African National Congress)…. but he would not.

Let us not forget that during his trial, Mandela ADMITTED to his dirty deeds. He plead guilty to 156 of the counts against him. He was the ruler and co-founder of the African National Congress (ANC), more specifically, Umkhonto we Sizwe which was the armed wing of the ANC (means "Spear of the Nation"). While there is no evidence that Mandela ever personally murdered anyone, the ANC, under Mandela’s orders was responsible for killing thousands of people. A series of bombs were set off in Johannesburg and surrounding areas by the ANC, killing and/or injuring hundreds of people…. many were women and children.

Mandela was also charged with sabotage and trying to over throw the government. He was on a quest for power, which is typical of a Communist. Communism has never worked anywhere it has been tried. Study the current plight of blacks in South Africa or the people of any nation that is under Communist rule and tell me if they are truly free? Under Communism, Citizens are virtually slaves because the government owns everything and creates all the rules that one must live by. Was Mandela really fighting for the freedom of his people, or simply for a different type of rule over his people; a rule where HE had the power? He did eventually get that power when he became the first black president in South Africa from 1994-1999.

In an attempt to ensure that the ANC became THE political party, it is reported that the military wing (Umkhonto we Sizwe) set out to remove those in opposition of the ANC, specifically those of the Zulu Inkatha party, which was one of the two largest “black” parties; Xhosa (Mandela’s party, ruled by the ANC) was the other. It is estimated that roughly 50,000 Zulus’ were killed by the ANC. The violence against the Zulu’s started in 1944 and lasted over a two year span leading to elections. Mandela was ordering these attacks.

Maybe prison changed Mandela’s violent nature. He did divorce his wife Winnie due to here demonic punishments of her adversaries. She is infamous for ‘necklacing”. This is a method of murder where a tire that is filled with gasoline, placed around a person and then ignited. I found no evidence of Mandela participating in these acts and they were carried out during the time he was already in prison.

There is MUCH history to be learned about Mandela and Apartheid and the massive amounts of information can never be captured completely in a blog. There was exponential violence by both Mandela’s party and the White majority government. The South African government was by no means innocent. Both Mandela and those in charge of the National Party (established “White” government) have blood on their hands.

I set out to understand a bit more of South Africa’s history and the role Mandela played. But, most importantly, I was able to reiterate my belief that as long as there are those desiring to stick their big, fat, black, white or any shade in between NOSES into the lives of others, and in the process of that intrusion, begin to take away what God gave to each of us…..which is freedom….. the blood baths, violence, hatred and power struggles like the one that took place in South Africa will never be done … they will only become more brutal. The next one will be bloodier than the last one and given the massive intrusions by our own government as it grows more communist each day, that next battle just might go down right here in the good old US of A.

Let me clearly state that the notion of apartheid is nauseating. Had I been born a South African, I would have fought for my freedom legally and violently if necessary. Had I been around during the time of Nat Turner, you can bet your last dollar that I would have ridden with him. However, Mandela’s lust seemed to be more for power than for the freedom of a nation or “his people”. Liberation is not in gaining freedom for one race while enslaving, demonizing or “getting even” with another.

If only Mandela had fought to allow people to be free to live their lives without government intrusion; to rise and fall on their own volition, or lack thereof, and to be responsible for their actions, blacks in South Africa would most likely have faired much better than they have to date. That’s what he should have fought for…true freedom, for blacks and whites alike, but he did not.

The quest for power, especially under a Communist regime is like a vampire’s bite… it can “ turn” a man from a well meaning do-gooder, into a power hungry, insatiable monster. This is one of the reasons why I don’t idolize man. Man will ALWAYS falter…some worse than others. God created me free…. only man stands in the way of that, so I am very cautious of man.

Mandela was merely a man. He did a lot of harm. I can’t discount or marginalize the killing of innocent people. He was no saint, so I will never treat him like one. He is a manufactured, flawless hero created by communist/liberal ideologues and he actually did some good. He helped make apartheid in his country a national debate. But for me, the bad deeds are so severe that they negate anything that others might consider good or great.

You’ve already heard the wonderful side of this man, now you’ve heard about his dark side, so fill in the blank.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Deen asks the fox to help guard the hen house?


CaptureThis story can not possibly get more ridiculous after this latest revelation. According to Black Voices, Paula Deen has reached out for help from non other than Mr. Race Baiter himself, Jesse Jackson.  According to Jackson “Paula Deen can be redeemed”.  HUH? Why does she need redemption for using the term nigger an aeon ago?

I am officially DONE with this story.  If Paula Deen is this incredibly blind and stupid, then she deserves to be excoriated!

Let’s not forget that during the 2008 elections, Jackson had to do some apologizing (I’m sure it was heart felt) himself for this comment-- "Barack...he's talking down to black people...telling niggers how to behave."   And he apparently wanted to cut off Obama’s nuts.  I'm not sure if he changed his mind on that or if he actually realized that Obama didn’t have any.

Deen used the term many, many years ago; Jackson used it more recently and probably uses it regularly…he just doesn’t get caught, and when he does get caught, the liberal media makes no to-do about it.   And please let’s not get into that foolishness of him getting a pass on the use of nigger or nigga because he’s black….pffffttt!!

Deen asking Jackson for help is like a hen asking the fox to help protect the hen house!  Let’s remember some of Jackson’s racist remarks, shall we?

  • Jackson referred to Jews in New York City as “Hymies
  • He stated that Dan Gilbert (Cavaliers Owner) had the mentality of a slave owner who viewed LeBron James leaving that team as a  runaway slave (how much was LeBron getting paid again?)
  • he said that white men fantasize about sex with black women when he interjected himself in the  Duke rape case. Let’s not forget the fiasco that case turned out to be.
  • He criticized Obama for “acting white”.  Apparently, depending on your skin tone, you must act a certain way. Go figure!
  • He told Soledad O’Brian she wasn’t black enough.  LOL!
  • He warned  members of the Congressional Black Caucus that voting against Obama care makes them race traitors (“how can you call yourself a black man”)
  • He accused Birthers of being racist for using “code” words like “birthplace”  LMAO!  He has fallen off the deep end.

I couldn’t care less about Paula Deen using the word nigger a gazillion years ago. We ALL have said or done something that we regret. I don’t even care if she said it yesterday.  Deen nor her words have power over me, so who cares. Neither do I care about the so called slave dinner that Deen purportedly planned.  I’m more appalled at the black folk who took that gig!  Anyone  asking me if I wanted a job where I dressed like a slave to serve white people would be Nat Turnered with the quickness.

Deen, from what I’ve read was a relentless supporter of Obama, so it’s really entertaining to me to watch the liberal media chew up and spit out one of their own. 

Sorry, Paula but you just don’t fit the “image” of a liberal elite.  You fit the image of the dumb southerner who talks funny…. according to liberal standards. But  since you seem to be seeking assistance from that racist, race baiting whore Jackson, maybe the problem isn’t the way you speak….maybe you’re just being flat out dumb!

Call me Paula… I can REALLY help!


Monday, July 30, 2012

Gays, stop BULLYING the Chick-Fil-A dude!


Here we go again with the Nazi-gays, pitch forks and torches in hand, once again going after Dan Cathy, CEO of Chic-Fil-A!  Last I checked he has the RIGHT to his stance on gay marriage. Mr. Cathy’s view is shared by millions and it is faith based for many.

Why are people constantly being asked to forgo their religious beliefs over so called gay marriage? This seems to be an all or nothing issue for Nazi-gays? Why? Why is there no consideration for a person wanting to be faithful to the word of God?

Given our current economic climate, are these Nazi-gays really calling for a boycott? Really? Over a CEO’s personal view on gay marriage? That’s pretty immature. I’m sure at least one gay person (probably more) works for Chic-Fil-A; so, calling for a boycott is a GREAT way to secure his/her job (written with sarcasm, of course).

Until gay people realize that acceptance, tolerance and such can NOT be legislated, or forced upon others, we will never have our kumbaya moment. Many of us simply refuse to allow ourselves to be TERRORIZED or BULLYIED into a non heart felt, for the sake of political correctness agreement so that a select few can be appeased.  Hell, some gay people don’t even believe in “gay marriage”.

The gay community is always screaming about tolerance, but are mute when when it comes time for them to extend the same courtesy.  Going on  “terror tantrums” and calling people hateful names really does not help the gay cause (whatever that is). 

And for the record, opposing gay marriage DOES…. NOT…. EQUAL…..HATE!  Gay people can call their union whatever they like, but they need to accept that they do not have the right to decide that others must use the same definition.

Quite frankly, these little terror tantrums are getting old and boring. The majority of people are basically being asked to go against their faith.  And even in the absence of faith, no one group of people should have the right to dictate to others how marriage is defined.  The liberal political pets are always such a self centered group of beings; it’s unbelievable. Soon more and more people will tire of this selfish nonsense.

The moment a person says something that gays don’t like, they are labeled as homophobic. When Barack Obama publicly stated that he opposed gay marriage, why didn’t the Nazi-gays go after him? The answer: because the Nazi-gays are the real haters and a bunch of hypocrites and wimps!

The real insult came from Obama when he changed his stance on gay marriage from opposing it to accepting it.  It was a blatant political move to shore up the gay vote. That was the real insult!   That act by Obama proved that he doesn’t care about the ‘gay cause”, or any other cause for that matter. He’s simply  playing a game of political chess.

Do not be fooled for one minute that liberals are so concerned over gay marriage.  This issue is so beyond gay marriage that even Ray Charles can see what’s really up (and he’s blind and dead).   The gay marriage issue is a front to continue the war on Christianity. This is why Christians are constantly being asked to “ignore” their beliefs.  And as usual, liberals are using gays the way they use all of their other political pets.

I hope that  Mr. Cathy continues to state his beliefs, very loudly and very clearly.  I certainly will.  Marriage is between a man and a woman so says the word of God, and no one can make me view it differently…and I WILL NOT allow ANYONE to define me as hateful because of my beliefs.

By the way, those Chick-Fil-A waffle fries are to die for! They will make you wanna slap yo’ Momma!

Monday, June 4, 2012

When is the individual accountable for their bad behavior?


scumbag So.... at what point is the individual responsible for their own circumstances? At what point is it ok to hold a person accountable  for their actions?

For example; if a woman gets knocked up by a guy she has only known for two weeks, knowing that neither of them have jobs and that he has four babies by three other women, why should anyone else have to be a part of their equation in the form of being taxed to death to support the woman and child?

At what point do we say, YOU screwed up, not me? And at what point do we stop rewarding woman who drop babies like candy from a pez dispenser with welfare checks, WIC, free housing, free medical care, free daycare and free everything else when they clearly chose not to take advantage of free birth control?

And why do so many CONTINUE to support the behavior and entitlements that have rendered a large number of blacks as underclass citizens and in need of  government assistance (generational) for the last 60-70 years (by design… by democrats).

Let’s take the “gentleman” that has fathered THIRTY kids… if these children will end up being financial burdens on the state (taxpayers), why shouldn’t the state also have the right to sterilize men (or women) like him after the fifth kid? Tenth kid? Twentieth kid?  Why are men AND women simply allowed to procreate irresponsibly and then expect taxpayers to support their children.  When is enough really enough? Why do these people get to behave badly without consequences for their actions?!!

Shouldn’t there be some deterrents in place for this incredibly poor behavior and reckless regard for the welfare of the children they are producing? What are we waiting for… a 100 percent illegitimacy rate for blacks? We are already at 72 percent.  Do we let the white illegitimacy rate get to 72% before we say…. ummmm…. perhaps we should do something?

And for the foolish…. abortion is not the answer. That solution makes the individual even more callous and despicable.  Just throwing this in here because I know some mentally crippled person will use abortion as an argument for this issue.

Women:  have more respect for yourself. My goodness… how does a woman CHOOSE to be the third or fourth woman or even the THIRTIETH woman to “spread ‘en”  for a worthless seed dropper?  Take charge and create your own life circumstances by WAITING for a man that is willing to make you his wife instead of  a semen receptacle.  There is NOTHING cute about this behavior! 

And many of the fifty percent of citizens who pay taxes to support the non  tax payers that are guilty of this bad behavior (they usually end up paying no taxes, but get fat tax refunds)  are broke too. They can no longer afford to carry you…. and are just plain tired of you.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Washington Post has “Trayvon Martined” a Romney story.

A very silly story was reported about the likely GOP presidential nominee, Mitt Romney by The Washington Post a few days ago.  Reportedly, Romney bullied a gay classmate by cutting off his hair as other classmates held him down.  This happened in 1965;  forty-seven whole, long years ago.  Is this a clue as to how desperate liberals really are to cast shadows of doubt over Romney?  And is it a sign to show just how liberal media entities will go to help Barack Obama get elected?
There are many problems with this article; the first is that it was actually written, but also, after reading the article, it was never reported that Romney made any comments about the alleged victim’s sexuality.  The story only reported that Romney commented about the alleged victim’s “style” or manner of dress…his looks.  
It’s becoming clear that The Washington Post “Trayvon Martined” this story; meaning they created hype, exaggerated details, or totally  manufactured the story.  Breitbart News has already begun to dismantle the shanty “details” pulled together by the Washington Post.
Automobile Magazine also interviewed some of the same characters that were interviewed by The Washington Post; however, the portrait of Romney emerges a bit differently.  And even The Washington Post’s story actually compliments Romney:
It was at Cranbrook where he first lived on his own, found his future wife and made his own decisions. One can see the institution’s influence on his demeanor and actions during those years, but also how it helped form the clubbiness and earnestness, the sense of leadership and enthusiasm, apparent in his careers as a businessman and a politician. “He strongly bought in to community service,” said Richard Moon, a schoolmate at the time. “That hard work was its own reward.” What is less visible today is what was most apparent to his prep-school peers: his jocularity.
So, Romney was a prankster who showed a sense of leadership and enthusiasm even back then?
Any credibility that this story had for the first ten seconds of being published is dissipating quite quickly and anything from the Washington Post should be viewed with a side glance from now on.
John Lauber died in 20044, so there is no possibility of getting his side of the story, but ABC News is reporting outrage from Lauber’s family over this seemingly fabricated story. Betsy Lauber stated:
“The family of John Lauber is releasing a statement saying the portrayal of John is factually incorrect and we are aggrieved that he would be used to further a political agenda. There will be no more comments from the family.”
Another sister, Christine Lauber also spoke out and made this comment: 
“Even if it did happen, John probably wouldn’t have said anything.  If he were still alive today, he would be furious [about the story], she said with tears in her eyes.”
How far is too far to go back into someone’s life for “vetting purposes”? While it is extremely important to know as much information about a potential President of the United States as possible, is it really necessary to go back to their high school days? Especially in the absence of a pattern of behavior? If any stage in one’s life is fair game for digging into, then I’m sure we’ll be reading about how Romney crapped in his diaper when he was an infant because it is certainly looking as if  the Left is just that desperate.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Is Tyra Banks evil for firing employees?


It’s been recently reported that Tyra Banks wanted to shake up things on her long running show, America’s Next Top Model, due to sagging ratings. In an effort to shake things up, Banks fired multiple people from her staff, including three of the most prominent faces connected to the show: Jay Manuel, “Miss” J. Alexander and Nigel Barker. is reporting that the contracts for these three has not been renewed.

After having a successful show for nineteen years, is Ms. Banks being greedy by trying to revamp her show in order to make more money?  Is she greedy and evil like the corporations that liberals complain about all the time? After all, those three cast members have been there with her since the beginning. Some could argue that they helped make the show as successful as it was…so why toss them to the side when the going gets tough?  Why not continue to invest in them and “hope” the show gets better? Or is terminating people and attempting to remodel your brand  only evil when corporations do it?

Oh…since Tyra is a “member” of the one percent, will she soon be occupied by the 99 percent? Ooops… I forgot, Tyra Banks is a liberal, so that good ole double standard applies!