Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Is Tyra Banks evil for firing employees?


It’s been recently reported that Tyra Banks wanted to shake up things on her long running show, America’s Next Top Model, due to sagging ratings. In an effort to shake things up, Banks fired multiple people from her staff, including three of the most prominent faces connected to the show: Jay Manuel, “Miss” J. Alexander and Nigel Barker. is reporting that the contracts for these three has not been renewed.

After having a successful show for nineteen years, is Ms. Banks being greedy by trying to revamp her show in order to make more money?  Is she greedy and evil like the corporations that liberals complain about all the time? After all, those three cast members have been there with her since the beginning. Some could argue that they helped make the show as successful as it was…so why toss them to the side when the going gets tough?  Why not continue to invest in them and “hope” the show gets better? Or is terminating people and attempting to remodel your brand  only evil when corporations do it?

Oh…since Tyra is a “member” of the one percent, will she soon be occupied by the 99 percent? Ooops… I forgot, Tyra Banks is a liberal, so that good ole double standard applies!

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