Saturday, April 7, 2012

Blood for ratings


NBC recently issued an apology regarding the way the 911 call placed by George Zimmerman was edited, and they have fired the producer responsible for the editing. This is far too little, and far too late.

Many believe that the editing was done intentionally to increase ratings.  Given the frenzy around this story, they succeeded.

It seems the liberal media loves to sensationalize stories that are perceived to show racism, and now we know that if there is no actual racism,  they will manufacture it. 

We all should be wondering how many other times have news agencies deliberately altered the news to make it more “interesting”. It’s probably a safe bet to say that what NBC did is not a first occurrence.

The nation seems to be more racially divided today than during the sixties. NBC and other broadcasters who chose to erroneously report the events surrounding Trayvon Martin’s shooting must realize their role in this divide. Is NBC “sorry” for this circumstance? Probably not. Perhaps NBC should apologize to the seventy-eight year old gentleman that was attacked by black youth as they chanted “this is for Trayvon”.

If the evidence shows that Zimmerman did indeed act in self defense, and no charges will be brought against him, we could very well see riots break out. Will NBC say sorry for any damage to property or loss of life due to them setting this racially fueled fire? If there is loss of life due to their manufactured reports, NBC will have blood on their hands.

NBC and many others have flagrantly exploited and pimped the death of Trayvon Martin. And they will continue to do so without remorse or accountability.

Will the American public hold NBC accountable? Probably not. Many are still too engulfed in the racial element to even grasp that the whole race angle was manufactured. The damage has been done. We can only hope that damage can be stopped and maintained at its current level.

Remember, the edited 911 tape was only part of the problem. The photo of Zimmerman and Martin that showed Zimmerman’s mug shot and Martin when he was 12yrs old, side by side, was also a part of the scam. And the constant reference to Zimmerman being White was another part.

“Sorry” is beyond inadequate, NBC. The genie is out of the bottle. There will be a large segment of the population who will always see Zimmerman as the white racist criminal who murdered a little black boy in cold blood as he walked from the store with a bag full of skittles; the story that NBC longed for.


  1. Thank you Vanessa.

  2. Zimmerman crying self-defense is funny to me. Afterall, wasn't he specifically instructed to stay in his car? Sounds to me that Trayvon was the one that needed self-defense since he was approached by a stranger and not the other way around. You Black republicans are a joke for real!

    1. Anonymous 2 - If you actually focused on the facts that have been reported so far, Zimmerman had gone back to his truck to wait for the police, so he did stop following Martin. Zimmerman did not approach Martin, Martin approached him. We Black Republicans might be a joke, but at least we gather facts and are not driven by emotions and skin color like you black liberals.

  3. Poor Zimmerman. Those black prisoners are gonna put him in high heels and lipstick. Thats what happens when you try to be the neighborhood superhero. Let that be a lesson kids: Mind your own business!

    1. Perhaps he felt trying to protect his neighborhood was his business?