Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Trayvon Martin Case: The circus continues!


I’m so very disappointed and saddened by the fallout I’m witnessing over the Trayvon Martin shooting.  I can’t believe the racial divide, especially since there is no evidence to date to prove that George Zimmerman is a racist. 

Why haven’t there been calls for civility from so-called Black Liberal leaders or any Liberals? Perhaps it’s because they are too darn busy adding fuel to the racial flames. Race baiters are in full force and are apparently willing to widen the racial divide in this country. After all, the division works in their favor.

Martin’s shooting is being touted as a case of racial profiling, but no racial motive has been proven.  Zimmerman was originally reported as being White and we now know that was reported falsely.  He is now being reported as a White-Hispanic.  Really?  Those in the media reporting fallaciously are more culpable of racial injustice than they have proven Zimmerman to be.  The media purposely reported this case with racial overtones.  Why aren’t they reporting that Zimmerman tutored Black children on weekends…..for free?  Why would a racist do that?

Why did Democrats call Congressional hearings to discuss racial profiling?  Again, there is no proof of racial profiling in this case, yet Congressman Bobby Rush exploited  the case by wearing a hoodie and spewing racial rhetoric on the House floor.  Shouldn’t the hearings be about Black on Black crime since that accounts for roughly 90% of Blacks murdered?

In addition to Bobby Rush’s theatrics, we’ve seen a mob of kids rushing into a Walgreens to steal and cause mayhem; kids showing up at school wearing hoodies and holding skittles; kids leave school to protest; church members going to church in hoodies; celebrities wearing hoodies, including the white guilt liberal types to show how non-racist they are. Is it a coincidence that all of these entities… schools, Hollywood, media, so-called Black leaders and liberal politicians are all involved in the brainwashing of Black folk? Ask Eric Holder about brainwashing!

A more serious incident was commanded by Spike Lee. He  re-tweeted what he thought was George Zimmerman’s address, but it turned out to be the address an elderly, seventy-something year old couple. This couple had to leave their home because of death threats. They had absolutely nothing to do with this case, but because of ignorant people like Spike Lee, their lives have been turned upside down and they now fear for their safety. And now, Roseanne Barr has re-tweeted the Zimmerman’s correct address. So sad!

I think the most egregious of all has to the New Black Panther Party openly instituting a bounty for the capture of George Zimmerman, while chanting “dead or alive”.  Still… no calls for people to be civil and calm. In fact, the usual suspects like Maxine Waters and  Sheila Jackson-Lee made incendiary comments, laced with racial overtones.  When Obama had the opportunity to douse flames, he instead makes the statement “if I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon”.  Was that code for “I’m down with Blacks”?

A key question for me is how did Martin and Zimmerman come face-to-face?  It’s imperative that we let this case be investigated thoroughly for  justice sake. I am not pro Zimmerman or pro Martin. I am pro justice. However,  I’m very anti-liberalism. I’m witnessing the destruction of liberalism unfold over this case. Divide and conquer…. that’s what this case is about to Liberals; not justice for Trayvon Martin.

I wish we could lend such fervent efforts to solving the hardcore issues that plague Black America:  high school dropout rates; low college matriculation rate; sexual promiscuity amongst teens; drugs; gang violence and the epicenter of all problems; the 72% illegitimacy rate.

Perhaps too many of us have been so conditioned to see everything from the premise of racism, that no matter what, many Blacks will always see the world as if they are victims of a racist society?


  1. As usual you are right on the money Sapphire. Perhaps when a Black member of The Chess , Language , Math or Glee Clubs run into these troubles I'll be able to work up some Righteous Anger. We both know when that will happen ----

  2. Every time you put my feelings into words. Couldn't have said it better.

  3. Thanks William.... just proves we have common sense.

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  5. "Perhaps too many of us have been so conditioned to see everything from the premise of racism, that no matter what, many Blacks will always see the world as if they are victims of a racist society?"

    i think this is exactly the crux of the problem. no way will there be calls for civility, that would jeopardize paychecks for liberal leaders. can't have that. i'm glad to see your thoughts on this! good post!

  6. This is not about Racism. This is about changing the subject. it is changing the subject from the dismal economy, the sorry state of the US in world affairs, losing the War in Afghanistan and the peace in Iraq, the utter void of anything resembling an energy or jobs policy. It is as much about racism as the firestorm over Rush Limbaugh is about a "War on Women". No, it's "look over here". The Administration needs to change the subject to have any chance in November. This will not be the last time.

  7. The sad part in this whole case is that we need to address why anyone would look at a young black man as a threat. We need to take a look at that, if we address that issue then we can start to realize that the stereotype is something that we perpetrate!! We need to look how we portray ourselves in the movies and TV. RHOA(Real House Wives Of Atlanta), and movies that portray us as gangsters and hoodlums. What do the kids idolize in our schools...the thugs...we need to change that, and it starts with us. We need to raise our next generation to be better than the one that my generation raised. Generation X, we sucked and made some backwards steps in raising our children. I myself am ashamed, what would my grandmother and her people think......instead of going forward we have taken several steps back. JMHO(Just my humble opinion)

  8. Deekman, it's very much about race. The media often sensationalizes race related issues and in this case, they manufactured. And this is a wet dream for race baiters like Sharpton and Jackson.... This was done for ratings.... blood money.

  9. Skip, the core issue is the broken family unit. All problems expand from the epicenter...IF the family was united, we'd see children growing up being respectful, respecting authority, not walking the streets at night and not with the gangsta attitudes. So many problems would decrease if not go away all together.

    1. I hear ya...but I come from a broken home and my mother ensured in us that we did the right thing and was respectful. I have a son and I too am going through a divorce, that doesn't mean that I'm going to let my son be disrespectful. I plan on being in every facet of his life until I'm gone from this earth...and then I hope that he has learned from me on the correct way to do things. I use this as a teaching moment...'cause the more facts that come to light, the more people are getting egg on their faces. SAD!!

  10. There are many things going on with this, but race is an important factor.

    I agree that their will more than likely be riots if this doesn't go to trial. Just as Jesse and Rev. Al have wanted all along.

    I grew up outside of NYC. Rev. Al is doing the same thing he did with Tawana Brawley. I remember that all too well. Miami will be left the same way when this is all over.