Friday, December 30, 2011

The Disadvantaged Wear $180.00 Shoes?


Last week, we witnessed people vandalizing property, fighting each other, stabbing each other, stampeding over each other, being tear gassed, and being arrested….at malls from coast to coast. Police even had to rescue two toddlers from a car after they were abandoned by their $200.00 shoe hunting mother! All of this chaos for a pair of shoes! Not just any old shoes… THE NEW AIR JORDANS!! I’m clutching my chest and gasping wildly (mocking the excited consumers of course).

What about the behavior these people displayed? Wow! They looked like wild animals trying to avoid recapture. Trampling what appeared to be children did not cause anyone to pause to help their fellow man. Getting a pair of those shoes was paramount and preserving life apparently was not on any person’s list of priorities.

Did you happen to checkout the makeup of the crowds that was shown on the news? A whole lot of Black folk were out there. We are in a recession, and nationally, unemployment amongst Blacks is greater that 16%. So, what’s really going on? How are these poor, disadvantaged Black folk able to afford $200.00 for a pair of freakin sneakers?  I will get back to this question, so allow me to digress for a moment.

Since this "incident” made national news, of course, the scavenger community leaders (misleaders) smelled the fresh blood of opportunity. Publicity! Black and Hispanic community leaders (misleaders) held a news conference where they basically blamed Michael Jordan and Nike for the ruckus. These “leaders” stated that “those who can least afford the shoes are the ones buying them”….huh??!! If you can’t afford them, don’t buy them. They went on to say “Michael Jordan and Nike should stand up and be a part of the solution”, and “there are public safety issues with children wearing these shoes”. These community folks felt that Nike should lower the prices of the shoes, meet customer demand and that wearing the shoes only causes more crime.

So, make more shoes and sell them cheaper….LOL. I wonder how many businesses have either of those fools ran. They fail to realize that the consumers of these shoes buy them because of the prestige that they (the consumers) have placed on them.

Hey leaders…. mind your own damn business! How about that? As usual, you have no real solutions. You just saw an opportunity to get your mugs on TV. Stop treating Black people as if they are special needs. What you should be focusing on is what’s causing certain mentalities in Black communities. Focus on that and you will see that Nike and Jordan are far from the problem.

And just where are these children getting the money to buy these shoes anyway? I assume it’s from their parents (parent for 70% of them). Who is giving permission to these children to stand in line all night to be first in line to buy the darn shoes? I’m guessing the parents (or parent). Why would parents (or parent) allow their children to wear something that could cause them their lives in certain neighborhoods?

I’m guessing that most of the youth buying these shoes don’t work, don’t know the value of a dollar, do not live in a two parent home and have not had certain values instilled into their psyches. This feral behavior is just a symptom of the breakdown of the family. That’s the core issue… breakdown of the nuclear family. Unless Michael Jordan or Nike are the fathers to all of these kids, the bullseye target can be removed from their backs. As for the adults who bought the shoes…. it’s their damn money!

Back to how can poor and disadvantaged people afford to pay so much for a pair of shoes! Are we seeing a hint that Blacks aren’t as bad off as those on the Left would have you believe? Probably. Liberals love to have victims, even when there are none. I’m sure that there are lots of Black folk that really can’t afford the shoes, but did you see those crowds??!! 

Not many people I know who are working everyday have $200.00 to go plop down on a pair of shoes!

I only hope that no tax dollars were abused during the purchasing of Air Jordans! Hey… who am I kidding! Of course welfare money bought some of those Jordans… duh!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Tebow: “Get Bowed” With Him America!


The constant criticism of football player Tim Tebow engaging in a short prayer before games is really beginning to brew a hellish anger in me. I was going to ask the rhetorical question, “what’s the big deal about a man praying”, but on second thought, the question is not so rhetorical after all. The big deal goes beyond Tebow and it is just another example of the Secularists trying to erode Christianity wherever it is displayed. In other words, those that follow the religion of Secular Humanism are unwavering in their efforts to shatter the very foundation on which this nation was founded: Christianity. Connect the dots, and the picture will be clear!

The Secularists yelp and bark about Tebow incessantly, saying that he should keep his faith to himself. Really? Ok… what about the rappers who thank God for winning awards? Should they keep that to themselves? The answer to secularists is no. Would you like to know why? It’s because most of them don’t really mean it. They know it’s not sincere coming from that crowd, so there is no harm done. This crowd will not go out and exalt God in there everyday lives. They are simply grandstanding to give the  impression of a person of faith. Look at many of their lives…. does it reflect a faith driven person?

To the keen eye, it is obvious that some of these entertainer’s words and actions do not match. Many of them have arrest records longer than their arms and legs combined. They have multiple kids out of wedlock and take pride in portraying a lifestyle that revolves around money and whores, and whores and money.  They live secular lifestyles so, this crowd actually works towards destroying Christianity, and that keeps them  safe from criticism.

How about Muslims who wear the hijab, or fall down like drunks praying to Allah every four hours (or however often they pray)?  If they are wearing the hijab in public or are being allowed to pray in the work place, or any other public place, are they keeping their religion to themselves? What about the atheists who want every vestige of Christianity removed from wherever they can have it removed? Are they keeping their beliefs to themselves? No… they are not, but different rules apply to the liberal faction.

Have you noticed that you never see  Secularists attack Hindu, Buddhism, Scientology or any other “religion”? Only Christianity! I guess that’s the price to pay for being the real deal.

When Muslims are made to remove hijabs and burkas in public because wearing them will betray their religious preference, then come and talk to me about Tebow praying before a game. And when atheists are not allowed to publicly profess that there is no God, we can have this chat again!

Secularists should really adapt rules to the game that apply to everyone “fairly” (a favorite word for the liberal minded folk). As it stands, Liberals use a set of rules that oscillate. This way they can constantly change their stance to defend a liberal offending party or situation, or degrade if conservative. In other words, Liberals (same as Secularists for the intellectually challenged- all part of the Democrat Party) are some of the biggest hypocrites on the planet. Some even pretend to believe in God, but their lifestyles and actions paint a very different picture- like many of those rappers and other performers who thank God for winning an award, but then go out and get wasted drunk; rape or shoot someone, or break the law in one way or another.

To my knowledge, Tebow is true to his faith. And that just chaps some liberal hides! You see, he CAN bring others to Christianity! This is why he is so targeted! He is counterproductive to the secular movement.

Instead of beating this man down for being a Christian in a Christian nation, there should be knees bowed right along with his. I’m not saying to bow and pray for a football game… just bow and pray!

I’m not a sports fan at all, but I might have to find out which team Tebow plays for so I can watch, bow and pray with him. I encourage every Christian to do the same. Support your brother in Christ…defend your faith… “get bowed”.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

What Christmas is Not

Many probably wont see this post until after Christmas, but that’s fine. Hopefully it will give you something to think about moving forward.  What does Christmas mean to you these days?  I’m not looking for your programmed answer, I’m looking for the answer that comes from your spirit… your true answer. I’m not looking for the obvious answer. Put some thought into answering the question. What do you do the other 364 days to bring your answer to life?  Are you teaching the true meaning of Christmas to your children and grandchildren? If not, you are not living the true meaning of Christmas .

I can tell you what Christmas IS NOT.  It isn’t a happy holiday or a season to be greeted. It isn’t a chance to get gifts or to go shopping to catch sales. And while festive decorations are nice to look at and makes the heart happy (at least it does that for me) decorated trees and fancy lights do not define Christmas.

Christmas IS NOT an excuse to gorge ourselves with stuffing, ham, cakes, pies, candies, cookies, eggnog and all of those other goodies that are oh so very good…  yum!  It’s NOT an excuse for parties or get-togethers to partake in adult beverages or to show off the brand new outfit bought just for the occasion.

What about Santa Claus? Nope, Christmas IS NOT about Santa Clause, Rudolph or the other reindeer. And it’s not about elves making toys, or talking snowmen. These things are nice fantasies for children if you so choose to teach it to them, but these things should only be taught if teaching the true meaning of Christmas supersedes.

I wonder how many families have watched stories about the birth of Christ. I wonder if Christ was discussed everyday, as we frenzied our way to December 25th. I wonder how many minutes families spent praying together during this “season”.  Was there more talk of gift giving, Santa and baking in your home than about Christ?  If so, then that’s the legacy you are building for your children. 

I’m not trying to be holier than thou. I have spent time reflecting on my own actions and what I can do differently to carry the spirit of Christmas in my heart everyday of my life. After all, we are celebrating the birth of Christ today; the son that God sacrificed for our salvation because we are so weakened by our wicked hearts.

Christmas is  faith. It is a lifestyle. It spawns a desire to live a life that is worthy of the gift of salvation.  It is your generous spirit. Christmas is to be celebrated every day of your life because it represents truth, love, hope, sacrifice and the gift of eternal life. Christmas is the day we set aside to celebrate the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ, so why not celebrate his existence everyday… in small ways?  Anywho, that’s my goal. I can always do better…. always! 

Happy Birthday, Jesus….. and  Merry Christmas to everyone, all year long!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kim Jong is More Than IL…He’s Dead.


I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind loosing any sleep or tears over Kim Jong-IL’s passing. He was a cruel dictator that got off on having power over and holding the well being of others, including their life and death, in his hands.  Government produced news images coming out of North Korea are showing thousands of “mourners”, wailing and collapsing over his death,  But I don’t believe it’s true grief for one moment! I wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t armed forces standing nearby to give these “mourners”  the incentive to give the performances of their lives…. especially if they had any desire to keep on living.

The North Korean dictator, formerly IL, now dead,  was a hardcore, God-less communist, with a God complex. I even saw a news clip showing a  young girl who had a successful surgery to remove cataracts, and she and her Father turned to a portrait of Jong-Il and began to bow, praise and thank him for her sight!  I hope that kind of forced adoration was worth it to Jong-Il during  his lifetime.

The behavior of citizens shown in the news footage being put forth by the government ran North Korean media actually reminds me of how people behaved over Obama, especially during the peak of his campaigning in  2008.  Children were singing songs about him, people were chanting his name, people were fainting in his presence, liberal pundits were getting tingles up and down their legs, the Obama girls made songs and videos about him and multiple people declared that “Obama will save us”! I think that kind of behavior is called idolatry? Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s what it is.

Soon after the 2008 election and Obama’s win, quaky liberal Woody Allen suggested that Obama be granted dictatorship.  Now, while I think many of the North Koreans are displaying coerced mourning, there are some far left radicals that would LOVE to convert the USA into  a communist dictatorship. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. 

Remember when Obama stated that “the Constitution is fundamentally flawed… it does not say what the government must do for people”?  Well, that’s because the Constitution is the law of our land and prevents the federal government from dictating our lives. Our Nation was designed as a Republic to PREVENT us from falling to a dictatorship. However, the Constitution is being marginalized at every given opportunity, right under our freedom loving noses!  There are too many who want a change in governmental structure; too many are misinformed and too many are flat out clueless!

Because of  the aforementioned types of citizens,  Liberals have been successful in creating an underclass of people who wants the government to provide their sustenance instead of earning it themselves.   And there are many who feel entitled to what others have earned instead of going out and earning their own way.

Unless we can decelerate the growth of the “entitled” faction and deprogram our youth who are being raised to think along the lines of socialism and communism, we will have our own Jong-IL someday. This possibility is not far fetched nor is it a conspiracy theory… it’s a goal of Democrats.. or Liberals or Progressives— they call themselves many things these days.  The Democrat Party is full  of Communist and Socialist.. they are in cahoots!  Take a look at the 1963 Communist Goals. These goals are well underway of being achieved. …. some have been achieved. Which of those goals do Democrats reject?

That age old adage “you never miss what you have until it’s gone'” is scarily appropriate relative to the freedoms we’ve known and loved as Americans. Think about the freedoms we’ve already lost. If more people don’t wake up, we are going to be a mirrored image of socialist Europe and eventually, Communist North Korea. I pray our country shall never see such dark days. I know I won’t see them because I’ll die fighting for my freedom before I’d ever bow to, or praise any man.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blacks: The Most Gullible Folks on the Planet

I’m greatly exasperated  when I hear people say that Christianity was forced on our ancestors (slaves). This drivel comes from those liberal Blacks who are usually agnostic, atheist or Muslim.  It is an  illogical excuse  that some Blacks give to apparently excuse away their non-belief. They also claim that Christianity is the “White Mans” religion.  Well… I have a couple of problems with their opinions… 1. FAITH is and always has been a choice, and…  2.  Christianity existed on the continent of Africa long before the United States was even created.  I wonder if  people who make such claims, at a minimum, know how to Google?  Truth is FREE! 

Faith can not be forced. One can pretend to believe in God to avoid persecution, but having faith is a choice that often comes from intense deliberation.   Many slaves and free Blacks willingly EMBRACED Christianity. If the objectors would actually take the time to study Blacks in early American history, they would find that most were rabidly Christian… by choice.

I’m not sure if people just don’t know how long Christianity has been around and on which continent it started, or perhaps  they just tend to ignore historical facts because truth is too inconvenient for their lies.  Christianity has been present in Africa (northern region originally) since the 1st century when Mark the Evangelist started the Orthodox Church of Alexandria, in Egypt,  around year 43.  This is why  some of the oldest Christian churches in the world can be found in Africa.

Christianity was dominant in Northern Africa and spreading until the 6th or 7th centuries. During this time, the Islamic Caliphate ended Christianity for several centuries.  Once Islamic rule took hold,  the only Christians remaining were those in the Coptic Christian Church in Egypt and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Funny how the objectors always complain that Christians “force” their religion on others, but they never speak of Islamic invasions or their rule by force.

Black people foolishly allow liberals to rob them of their history. The fact of the matter is, Liberals are trying to erode away Christianity in our nation. They will use Black atheists and perhaps Black Muslims by making them “community leaders” to help lead those who are weak and ill informed away from Christianity by challenging the “blackness” of it. We know that Black folk are always “down for the blackness” and will follow their leaders to the abyss of hell.  Plus, liberals have the benefit of a 70% illegitimacy rate amongst Blacks, (that they helped to create) and this breakdown of the family yields dysfunctional people who are malleable….  the exact type that Liberals were aiming for. 
Personally, I don’t care if one chooses to be an atheist… no skin off my back and more room in heaven for me. After all, God does give us free will.  What I do care about is the concerted effort that Liberals are making to turn this country into an immoral, unpatriotic, illegitimate, socialistic nation that’s void of Christianity (our founding principles).  Why?  Because only in this type of environment will Liberals ever have the unchallenged, perpetual power they crave;  the wealth they crave and governance over the masses (us) who will be diminished into peasantry and government dependency.  
For the trillionth time…. connect the dots… pay attention and read patterns.  Think I’m crazy? the following quote….
“America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life.  If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.”  Joseph Stalin (Mr. Communist himself)
.… now ask yourself,  which of these three things (morality, patriotism, spiritual life) is not under attack by liberals today?   Ummm hmmm!

If any Black person is dumb enough to fall for the “Christianity is the White man’s religion” bulldoodie, or that slaves were forced into Christianity,  or the new Black atheist movement simply because it’s part of the liberal agenda,  then they deserve to rot in hell!  I’m so tired of this kind of stupidity.  Sorry… my “tolerance” for it is very low. 

Incidentally, Christianity has one of the largest followings in many African countries today.   So, who’s forcing Christianity on them now?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Power of Women

        I’m not quite sure what some of us women have devolved into, but I do know that it‘s anything but good. It seems that meeting someone, courting them (remember that word…courting) and getting to know them well enough to determine compatibility is a thing of the past. I find that reality to be incredibly sad. Today, it’s all about hook-ups, gettin’ wit’ someone or smashin’. I’m baffled at the ease that most women will give up their bodies to men that are so unworthy of them or that they barely know. Women have either forgotten the scope of their power or they have never realized it.
        The power of women is unimaginable. We have the ability to create the atmosphere in our homes and to create the environment of our neighborhoods, and ultimately, to an extent, we create the atmosphere in our communities and our nation. Our role in this world is incredible, but sadly, we have allowed too many influences such as feminism and liberalism to lead us away from God’s design for relationships and marriage. These influences have left us severely misguided.
        Those most affected by this misguidance are Black women. In 1960, only 28 percent of black females between the ages of 15 and 44 were never married. Today, that number is approaching 70%. In 1940, the illegitimacy rate among blacks was 19 percent; in 1960 it was 22 percent, and today, it's 75% and even higher in some communities. Liberal politicians started to push welfare and entitlement programs on Blacks as early as the 1930’s under President Roosevelt.  Sadly, Rosevelt reverted to the principles of the Progressive Party, which was his party before he belonged to the Republican Party.
         By the late 70’s, the government had all but replaced Black men as the bread winner in many  homes. The government became "daddy" to many Black children while Black women were constantly being counseled against marriage.  If they married, they would lose their welfare benefits. While my focus is on Blacks, the numbers for illegitimacy are pretty scary across cultural lines. Ladies, ALL of us need get it together!
        I believe it’s high time that we recover both our power and dignity… and with the quickness! The good news is that we can recover. It will take tenacity and hard work, and in my opinion, it will take a generation to see substantial and sustainable results, but as my father used to say, “if it ain’t worth workin’ for, it ain’t worth nothin’.”
        If you’re wondering if I blame women for the out of control illegitimacy rate …the answer is yes... at least for the most part. Men have to ask us for sex, but we don’t have to say yes or accept uncommitted relationships. Moreover, why would you want to have sex with someone who has absolutely no interest in marrying you? Furthermore, there is an AWESOME amount of power to be gained from accepting and owning your part of any problem.
        Women, we are the gatekeepers of morality. We lost our power because we gave up our post. Now, it’s up to us to redirect our relationships back to God’s design and live biblically principled lives. This is how we regain our power! The man will follow what the woman dictates, or he'll end up awfully lonely.  It’s up to us to have enough self respect and a sense of knowing how we want our families to be structured to lead the way on this issue. Real men will applaud us for our efforts and more beautifully, real men will marry us because of our efforts! It’s time to kill the supply of easy sex and re-establish a sense of virtue. Only then will we attract men who will love, cherish, and respect us. We are worthy of a men who will honor us through marriage, but only when he is financially able to support a family.
        Ladies, please realize that you are worthy of a happy, functional relationship that culminates in marriage. A woman who knows her worth knows all she needs to know.  Nothing is more powerful than knowing you are worthy of a beautiful life!

Friday, December 9, 2011

XY Chromosomes Mean You’re a Man!  (WATCH)
I am LIVID that Natalie Johnson, a struggling, Christian college student, was FIRED from her freakin’ job at Macy’s because a man wearing makeup believed he had the right to enter the lady’s dressing room! NOT!  I personally would feel uncomfortable seeing a male entering a dressing room where I’m changing my clothing, and I don’t care how much makeup he’s wearing!  Shame on you Macy’s… what a bunch of weak, corporate wussies! I hope Ms. Johnson wins her lawsuit and I hope she wins a bazillion dollars!

How much more ridiculousness can we bare, people? This is a problem for me! I’m offended that liberals have determined that I am the same as a man who wants to be a woman. I’m HISSING over that one!  Macy's… some of us girls like to exit the cubicles to view ourselves in the bigger mirrors that hang in the main dressing room areas.   If we are shopping with other females, we like to exit the private cubicle so that we can get the opinions of our shopping buddies. We may do that while wearing only a bra and pants, or a blouse and panties.  Who wants to have some stranger with a penis watching them do that!  What if HE brought his shopping buddies? Do we have to suffer through multiple strangers with penises staring at us? That would make me UNCOMFORTABLE, Macy’s, and I’m OFFENDED by your lack of consideration for my opinion that I’m sure many other women share as well! Newsflash here… we are NOT a genderless society!

Guess what transgender men… you wanting to be a woman is NOT my problem!  Guess what else? You are NOT the same as a woman. You will NEVER be the same as a woman! You will ALWAYS be a man because you will ALWAYS have XY chromosomes. Go ahead… cut off your penis; then you’ll simply be a man without a penis.  And, as Lauryn Farris, the LGBT activist featured in the video proves, you will still LOOK like a man! Who does Larry… I mean ...who does Lauryn think HE’S fooling!

Santa and Poinsettias… Offensive? So NOT!


Is there even room left on the offensive list for poinsettias? Everything is put there nowadays. Even jolly old St. Nick has been tagged with the big O. Every time I turn around these days, some idiot somewhere is unreasonably relegating something to the offensive list. In this case, the idiocy is stemming from officials at an elementary school in Stockton, California. They have purportedly decided that Santa and poinsettias would create a pervasive theme favoring one religion over another. I always wonder where the outrage from parents is when I hear about such senselessness. All parents who celebrate Christmas should pick a day to OCCUPY that school! This is political correctness run on steroids.

I’ll tell you what is truly offensive… attempting to take away my voice because you don’t agree with it. It’s offensive to remove crosses and other Christian icons because it might offend someone of another faith or religion. It’s offensive to erode American traditions because people who came here from other countries might be offended. I’m more than offended! I’m disgusted and outraged at those who grant themselves the power to determine what is offensive or not for ALL of us! This kind of Liberal BS is destroying this country fiber by fiber! The uninformed and the clueless do not realize that such actions slowly but surely erodes away our freedoms. Taking from one to give to another under any circumstance is always a failure!

When others immigrate to the USA, they should be told that our culture and traditions are already in place and that we do not re-arrange our way of life to appease others. Newcomers and those choosing to subscribe to other religious beliefs should know from jump street that we are a Judeo-Christian nation based upon the principles of our founding. While Santa and poinsettias are not biblical, they are festive symbols associated with our celebration of the birth of Christ. They are considered traditional symbols of the Christmas season. Will schools soon teach kids that there is no Santa? Don’t laugh… schools are already subverting Christianity… kids can’t say God in schools anymore, remember?!

Where does this stop? The fact of the matter is it won’t stop because too many people are oblivious. Declaring Santa and poinsettias as offensive is just another part to the Left’s plot to secularize and socialize this country. I don’t know what it will take to awake the sleepers. Moreover, I’m totally offended when they sleep walk their behinds into a voting booth!

I deem the officials in Stockton to be Scrooges! Take that! And, if this blog happens to offend you, kiss my poinsettia!

I Didn’t Know Cucumbers Were So Racy!

Muslim Cleric's Warning: Cucumbers Too Sexy For Women | Fox News

I don’t blame this cleric for remaining unnamed because it seems he has some serious sexual issues. Perhaps he’s the one looking at bananas, cucumbers and carrots and getting hungry for something other than a salad or snack! Is it only cucumbers, bananas and carrots that turn you on, Sir, or does any phallic shaped object send you swooning?

At first glance, one might be tempted to laugh at this story, shake their heads in disbelief and simply dismiss it. I on the other hand look a little deeper. Since many wrongly classify Islam as a religion, this is a great opportunity for me to clarify what it really is. It’s NOT a religion; it’s a totalitarian political system where an elite few get to decide every aspect of life for the masses. This cleric obviously views cucumbers and such as “sexy”, and since he’s a cleric, he has the right to project his warped view on everyone else. When one lives under a totalitarian political system, there’s no recourse to this type of madness!

Does the idea of having a few people in our society determine every aspect of our lives sound fun? If you’re stupid it might. If you take a good look at those on the Left (yes, there is a connection to liberalism), you will see how they are already determining how we should live… well, they are certainly trying to! Entities like the EPA, environmental and global warming Nazis, the ACLU, NAACP, Unions and similar groups work to impose their radical views on us everyday and many of you fall for their ilk and their lies hook, line and sinker.

Speaking of hook, line and sinker, remember when the California Department of Water Resources shut off water to farmers in the Sacramento-San Joaquin area to protect the Delta Smelt? Turns out that this fish wasn’t so endangered after all, but the livelihood of farmers in the area were. They ended up in “soup lines” after their farmlands were turned into dust bowls. Their way of life was destroyed by a governmental agency.

Do you remember the arctic scientist that is to my knowledge, still under investigation for “integrity issues” and scientific misconduct? In other words, this scientist lied his ass off! By the way, it was this very scientist, Charles Monnett, who is in part responsible for the mega lie known as global warming. See what I mean? See how only a few are allowed to dictate to the masses? Get hip to their game people! We the People are losing our freedoms because not every one is paying attention and connecting the dots!

Now, if I were a Muslim woman, I think I’d actually prefer the cucumber to my male counterpart any day… maybe that’s the cleric’s fear! I’ve heard stories of women doing “private” things with cucumbers, etcetera, but at today’s prices, food is just too damn high to do anything with it other than eat it!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Are You Flippin’ Kidding Me!!!!!!!!!!!??

NAACP Taking Complaints About U.S. Voter Laws To United Nations | Fox News

Hold on…. let me pick my face up off the floor!  Ok… Why the HECK is the NAACP taking complaints about voter laws in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to the United Nations?   What a massive waste of time and energy; and what an insult to America and to the intelligence of it’s citizens.  The United Nations holds NO authority over the United States; additionally, US courts have already determined the constitutionality of these laws.  Are there “minorities” who are so pathetic that they can’t go to the DMV to get an ID?  Since when did skin color become an  impediment? If a person can’t get an ID, even when they’re being offered for free; then they don’t deserve to vote! You don’t have a civil right to be a lazy ass! 

This is further proof that today, the NAACP is worthless!  They are merely attack dogs for the Democrat Party. Their claim that the voting rights of the  poor, elderly and minorities would be infringed upon is totally unfounded. Some reform laws have already been passed in Georgia and there have been no negative effects.  I believe the true reason the NAACP is taking up this charge is to protect the increasing incidents  of voter fraud that’s being perpetrated by organizations like ACORN.  The Left’s Messiah is incredibly unpopular by now, so they will need every vote come 2012… and everybody knows that ACORN will register Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, the dead and people who don’t even exist!

The audacity of the NAACP is even more astounding when  some of their own executive committee members have been charged and/or convicted of various types of voter fraud. Seems they didn’t know that you can only cast one absentee ballot per individual, not 10. They didn’t seem to know that fictitious names, double voting and registering to vote in multiple states is illegal.  The NAACP needs to know that voter fraud infringes upon my rights. The voting laws in question are meant to protect legal citizens against the very actions of those NAACP committee members. The integrity of the voting process must be protected. Elections in this country are won… not stolen!

The UN can go to Hades and they should take their opinion on this matter with them. As far as the NAACP goes, I’ve been done with them for a very long time.  These days, they should call themselves the National Association of Conning  People… because that’s what they do! They have way too much time on their hands.  Let’s face it, no upstanding organization would ever go after a greeting card company over a talking greeting card that said “black holes”… because it “sounds” like “Black hoes”.  Talking greeting cards are racist, the Tea Party is racist, people who oppose Obama are racist, Republicans are racist and basically, whomever disagrees with the liberal agenda is a racist or is in some way infringing upon the disenfranchised!  After reading about this foolishness, I need a nice, cold Guinness Stout… oh… forgot… that’s a racist beer according to the NAACP misleader, Ben Jealous. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cain Was Guilty…. Of Being a Conservative!

No blue stained dresses. No taped recorded messages. No witnesses whatsoever. There has been no corroboration for any of the multiple claims of sexual harassment against Cain, and of the bevy of skanks making such claims, only one had filed a formal complaint against him. After an internal investigation, that complaint was found to be unsubstantiated. Not even an alleged thirteen year long affair could yield irrefutable evidence against Cain. One would think that a thirteen year affair would yield evidence greater than our nation’s deficit!  That was not the case. The only evidence produced after thirteen years were anemic records of phone and text messages showing only the time and date that calls were made and messages sent… and most of those calls and messages were initiated by the complainant. From what I’ve gleaned, Cain is probably innocent of inappropriate behavior; however, he is guilty of something far more ominous… Cain is guilty of CWB!!

You’ve heard the phrase DWB (driving while Black) right? Well, the CWB phenomenon is being Conservative While Black! Oh yeah… it’s real!! You get no love from the Black Community if you’re Black and Conservative! Black liberals, especially those with notoriety, can molest children (Michael Jackson)… on tape (R. Kelly); murder two people (OJ Simpson); be a druggie (Marion Berry); beat their women (Chris Brown); kill dogs (Michael Vick) and just about anything else under the sun, and the Black community will forgive them! Most Blacks will stand by a Black Liberal, right or wrong, before they will ever let “tha (fictional) man” bring them down! The fact that NO so-called Black leaders (they’re actually misleaders) defended Cain should prove that when Blacks call for unity in the Black communities, they’re certainly not including us Black Conservatives. We are looked upon as the enemy… and that’s a crying shame!

You see, being CONSERVATIVE WHILE BLACK is THE unforgivable sin as far as Blacks are concerned. You will never hear the inarticulate chants or rhymes from Jessie Jackson in defense of the Black Conservative. Neither will you ever see Big Perm-- I mean Al Sharpton marching or boycotting in protest of a Black Conservative. That’s because Black Conservatives don’t promote that “Blacks are victims of slavery” mentality that Sharpton and Jackson perpetually reiterate to keep the flames of racism burning. They are race baiters, so they actually need racial division in order to prosper. Conservatives believe that every American has equal opportunity, but many simply don’t take advantage of their freedoms. If Blacks could become doctors and lawyers during the era of slavery, what’s stopping that success today?

Black Conservatives are like kryptonite to both the Liberal and Republican establishment elites! Lord forbid that Herman Cain made it to the White House and actually made a difference! Blacks and others could very well open their eyes and see that the only way to secure happiness and prosperity is by their own strengths, and not because of any politician, government entitlements and certainly not because of any community “misleaders”. The realization of self-sufficiency would destroy the establishment elite’s power structure because every American would be fighting for the same thing… protection of their rights and protection to be their own fisherman and to prosper. This realization would also be the beginning of restoring the power of We the People over government, which is how it was meant to be. But, since “the establishment” railroaded Cain out of the race, we will have to suffer a slower progression towards the restoration of power… it will happen… people are sick and tired of being sick and tired of the same politics as usual BS!

My goal, along with other Conservatives, is to help reach enough people, specifically Black people to prove former president Lyndon B. Johnson dead (pun intended) wrong. After he signed “that nigger bill”, more commonly known as the Civil Rights Act of 1964, he stated “I’ll have those niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years”. Well, I think it’s time for Blacks to regain their political power… not for the sake of “blackness” but for the sake of saving our nation… besides, Democrats have owned the “nigger vote” (their words, not mine) for long enough!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy Kwanzaa? Negro Please!

Kwanzaa is a prime example of the incredulous, buck naked ignorance displayed by a large portion of “African-Americans”.  Too many are too eager to latch on to anything “African” without researching it to find out the origin, or if it’s offensive to their Christian faith;  the faith that most Blacks profess to have.  Kwanzaa is an anti-Christian, fake holiday that was created by a foolish, Black social justice type, called Maulana Karenga. His real name is not so “African” sounding. It’s Ronald McKinley Everett… yuup, Lil’ Ron-Ron from da hood!
Ronald Everett was one of those professors of “Africana” Studies, which is the WORST kind of subject material that any educational institution can offer; right along with Chicano Studies,  Women Studies and similar topics!  These subjects are purely meant to indoctrinate! And, of course he was set free to spread his poison throughout California classrooms.
Mr. Everett founded and celebrated  Kwanzaa in 1966-67. He wanted to establish a “holiday” for Black people (self-segregation)  that was a substitute for Christmas because he felt that Jesus was  psychotic and Christmas was the White man’s holiday, even though Christ isn’t White.  He actually said the words… “Jesus is psychotic.”  When you Christians are lighting up those Kwanzaa candles, did you know that the founder of Kwanzaa felt that way about your Savior? Bet ya didn’t!
As if his anti-Christian, impious statements and beliefs weren’t bad enough, in 1971, Lil Ron-Ron was sentenced to ten years in prison for felonious assault and false imprisonment. He held two women against their will,  and tortured them by stripping them naked and then beating them with electrical cords; sticking a hot soldering iron in one of their mouths and placing the iron against the others cheek.  They were beaten with various other objects and while being held down, water mixed with detergent was forced in their mouths through a hose.  Original water boarder?  This is the man whose “holiday” many of you have readily accepted as a connection to and representation of your African heritage.  Everett was not African, but he sure was NUTS… and he had the nerve to call Jesus psychotic? Riiiiight!
Blacks born in the USA are Americans and therefore, your culture and heritage is Americana.  Our ancestors DESERVE that we acknowledge our American heritage.  After all, they fought and died for our right to be here. Studying the roles that Blacks played in building this country will serve you well and could prevent so many of you from getting punked all the time. Gee!
I have no idea why so many Black people to this day are still trying to identify with Africa. Well, let me tell you something…. Africans don’t identify with Black Americans. They think we are lazy and take our freedoms for granted. The Africans are actually on to something with their opinion… they’re right about some of us.  Yep!
Acceptance of Kwanzaa without batting an eye, is an example of how so many Blacks in America get  brainwashed. The original intent behind Kwanzaa was to pull Blacks away from Christianity and Christmas. The true history of Kwanzaa  has been revised, reinvented or destroyed, just like the majority of contributions made by Black Americans throughout our history.  It’s easy to distort and destroy history  because many just take what’s presented to them at face value. Many just go with the flow… no questions asked!   The truth will set you free folks. People aren’t so easily brainwashed  and manipulated when they are armed with facts and knowledge.
Lil Ron-Ron proved that if you paint a pretty enough picture (the values of Kwanzaa) on a worthless canvas (the original destructive intent of Kwanzaa), people will be so mesmerized by the pretty picture that they won’t bother drilling down to check out the foundation. When you Christians celebrate Kwanzaa, you’re practicing paganism… just so you know!!  I’m constantly amazed at how quickly Blacks will yell praise the Lord,  but will push him to the side in a heartbeat for things that are clearly  anti-Christ and causes one to sin. I guess some of you folk will do anything to support the “blackness”.   What…. are……..thinking??!!
Today, Kwanzaa is marketed as the celebration of African American Heritage; celebrating family, culture and community. Seven principals are celebrated from December 26th through January 1st. Those seven principals are:
  • Umoja (Unity): To strive for and to maintain unity in the family, community, nation, and race.
  • Kujichagulia (Self-Determination): To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves, and speak for ourselves stand up
  • Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility): To build and maintain our community together and make our brothers' and sisters' problems our problems, and to solve them together.
  • Ujamaa (family): The belief in family and general communal understanding.
  • Nia (Purpose): To make our collective vocation the building and developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness.
  • Kuumba (Creativity): To do always as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it.
  • Imani (Faith): To believe with all our heart in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders, and the righteousness and victory of our struggle.
Let’s be real, shall we?  To those of you celebrating Kwanzaa… cut it out! With all this Black on Black crime, a 70% illegitimacy rate, and ran down projects and inner cities, ya’ll are not living this! Posers!
Merry Christmas to the true Christians!  You Kwanzaa pagans need to stop playin’! 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Three-Fifths Clause: Let Me Explain It Again!

The Three-Fifths Compromise is a compromise that resulted during the Philadelphia Convention in 1787. It is found in the Constitution of the United States in Article 1,  Section 2,  Paragraph 3. This particular clause has been and still is a matter that causes mountains of  resentment for many Blacks; although unjustly so. The true intention or meaning of this clause has been grossly misunderstood by many. The key word in this clause for me is the word persons.  Notice the "s" at the end of persons? Since a person is defined as a human or individual, persons  would be defined as more than one individual... comprehendo? I hope we're at least in concurrence on the definition of person and persons.

Now, I'm going to post the clause for your review.  Most of those who don't understand it have never read it, so here ya go!
Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free Persons, including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons. The actual Enumeration shall be made within three Years after the first Meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent Term of ten Years, in such Manner as they shall by Law direct. The Number of Representatives shall not exceed one for every thirty Thousand, but each State shall have at Least one Representative; and until such enumeration shall be made, the State of New Hampshire shall be entitled to chuse three, Massachusetts eight, Rhode-Island and Providence Plantations one, Connecticut five, New-York six, New Jersey four, Pennsylvania eight, Delaware one, Maryland six, Virginia ten, North Carolina five, South Carolina five, and Georgia three.
Where does it read that Blacks, slaves, robots or anyone else is three-fifths of a human being? It does not.  The clause is referring to the number of PEOPLE in a state… whole people. This clause actually protected slaves by reducing the number of representatives the pro-slavery Southern Democrats could have.

The North and the South battled over the South’s greedy desire to include  their slaves in the census. The reason being is that the Southern Democrats had long stated that their slaves were NOT people or persons, but property.  The population of slaves were great in the south. In some instances, the slave population was equal to or were greater than the free population. If they could count slaves as persons , the Democrats could rack up on pro-slavery representation.

The Northern anti-slavery crowd said no way Jose!  They didn’t want to deal with even more pro-slavery, malevolent Democrats. The North decided that if the South could count their property as persons solely to gain greater representation, then they would count their property as well; chickens, goats, pigs, plows, horses (you get the point, right?) so they could gain more anti-slavery representation.  Nice move grasshoppers!

As it stood, states were allowed a representative for every 30,000 persons.  The compromise determined  that instead of counting free and enslaved persons, the South could only count three-fifths of the slave population… the entire population… the persons who were slaves…. get it? Enumerating only three-fifths of the slave population cut in half the number of pro-slavery representatives that could have been gained. After the compromise, the states could only gain a representative for every 50,000 persons instead of every 30,000 persons.  That was great news if you were a slave or anti-slavery…. that’s 50% less racists, greedy, enslaving Democrats that the North would have to deal with. 

If you’re wondering why Indians were specifically mentioned in the Constitution (Indians NOT TAXED), it’s not that they were counted as three-fifths human either. If they were not taxed, it’s most likely because they lived on tribal reservations or were nomadic. Indians who WERE taxed were enumerated.

If you are one of those people who thought the three-fifth clause counted ONE INDIVIDUAL slave as three-fifths human, and you still believe that, please don’t leave home without a helmet!