Friday, December 9, 2011

I Didn’t Know Cucumbers Were So Racy!

Muslim Cleric's Warning: Cucumbers Too Sexy For Women | Fox News

I don’t blame this cleric for remaining unnamed because it seems he has some serious sexual issues. Perhaps he’s the one looking at bananas, cucumbers and carrots and getting hungry for something other than a salad or snack! Is it only cucumbers, bananas and carrots that turn you on, Sir, or does any phallic shaped object send you swooning?

At first glance, one might be tempted to laugh at this story, shake their heads in disbelief and simply dismiss it. I on the other hand look a little deeper. Since many wrongly classify Islam as a religion, this is a great opportunity for me to clarify what it really is. It’s NOT a religion; it’s a totalitarian political system where an elite few get to decide every aspect of life for the masses. This cleric obviously views cucumbers and such as “sexy”, and since he’s a cleric, he has the right to project his warped view on everyone else. When one lives under a totalitarian political system, there’s no recourse to this type of madness!

Does the idea of having a few people in our society determine every aspect of our lives sound fun? If you’re stupid it might. If you take a good look at those on the Left (yes, there is a connection to liberalism), you will see how they are already determining how we should live… well, they are certainly trying to! Entities like the EPA, environmental and global warming Nazis, the ACLU, NAACP, Unions and similar groups work to impose their radical views on us everyday and many of you fall for their ilk and their lies hook, line and sinker.

Speaking of hook, line and sinker, remember when the California Department of Water Resources shut off water to farmers in the Sacramento-San Joaquin area to protect the Delta Smelt? Turns out that this fish wasn’t so endangered after all, but the livelihood of farmers in the area were. They ended up in “soup lines” after their farmlands were turned into dust bowls. Their way of life was destroyed by a governmental agency.

Do you remember the arctic scientist that is to my knowledge, still under investigation for “integrity issues” and scientific misconduct? In other words, this scientist lied his ass off! By the way, it was this very scientist, Charles Monnett, who is in part responsible for the mega lie known as global warming. See what I mean? See how only a few are allowed to dictate to the masses? Get hip to their game people! We the People are losing our freedoms because not every one is paying attention and connecting the dots!

Now, if I were a Muslim woman, I think I’d actually prefer the cucumber to my male counterpart any day… maybe that’s the cleric’s fear! I’ve heard stories of women doing “private” things with cucumbers, etcetera, but at today’s prices, food is just too damn high to do anything with it other than eat it!

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