Friday, December 30, 2011

The Disadvantaged Wear $180.00 Shoes?


Last week, we witnessed people vandalizing property, fighting each other, stabbing each other, stampeding over each other, being tear gassed, and being arrested….at malls from coast to coast. Police even had to rescue two toddlers from a car after they were abandoned by their $200.00 shoe hunting mother! All of this chaos for a pair of shoes! Not just any old shoes… THE NEW AIR JORDANS!! I’m clutching my chest and gasping wildly (mocking the excited consumers of course).

What about the behavior these people displayed? Wow! They looked like wild animals trying to avoid recapture. Trampling what appeared to be children did not cause anyone to pause to help their fellow man. Getting a pair of those shoes was paramount and preserving life apparently was not on any person’s list of priorities.

Did you happen to checkout the makeup of the crowds that was shown on the news? A whole lot of Black folk were out there. We are in a recession, and nationally, unemployment amongst Blacks is greater that 16%. So, what’s really going on? How are these poor, disadvantaged Black folk able to afford $200.00 for a pair of freakin sneakers?  I will get back to this question, so allow me to digress for a moment.

Since this "incident” made national news, of course, the scavenger community leaders (misleaders) smelled the fresh blood of opportunity. Publicity! Black and Hispanic community leaders (misleaders) held a news conference where they basically blamed Michael Jordan and Nike for the ruckus. These “leaders” stated that “those who can least afford the shoes are the ones buying them”….huh??!! If you can’t afford them, don’t buy them. They went on to say “Michael Jordan and Nike should stand up and be a part of the solution”, and “there are public safety issues with children wearing these shoes”. These community folks felt that Nike should lower the prices of the shoes, meet customer demand and that wearing the shoes only causes more crime.

So, make more shoes and sell them cheaper….LOL. I wonder how many businesses have either of those fools ran. They fail to realize that the consumers of these shoes buy them because of the prestige that they (the consumers) have placed on them.

Hey leaders…. mind your own damn business! How about that? As usual, you have no real solutions. You just saw an opportunity to get your mugs on TV. Stop treating Black people as if they are special needs. What you should be focusing on is what’s causing certain mentalities in Black communities. Focus on that and you will see that Nike and Jordan are far from the problem.

And just where are these children getting the money to buy these shoes anyway? I assume it’s from their parents (parent for 70% of them). Who is giving permission to these children to stand in line all night to be first in line to buy the darn shoes? I’m guessing the parents (or parent). Why would parents (or parent) allow their children to wear something that could cause them their lives in certain neighborhoods?

I’m guessing that most of the youth buying these shoes don’t work, don’t know the value of a dollar, do not live in a two parent home and have not had certain values instilled into their psyches. This feral behavior is just a symptom of the breakdown of the family. That’s the core issue… breakdown of the nuclear family. Unless Michael Jordan or Nike are the fathers to all of these kids, the bullseye target can be removed from their backs. As for the adults who bought the shoes…. it’s their damn money!

Back to how can poor and disadvantaged people afford to pay so much for a pair of shoes! Are we seeing a hint that Blacks aren’t as bad off as those on the Left would have you believe? Probably. Liberals love to have victims, even when there are none. I’m sure that there are lots of Black folk that really can’t afford the shoes, but did you see those crowds??!! 

Not many people I know who are working everyday have $200.00 to go plop down on a pair of shoes!

I only hope that no tax dollars were abused during the purchasing of Air Jordans! Hey… who am I kidding! Of course welfare money bought some of those Jordans… duh!


  1. I was in my local mall the day they went on sale. Seven, yes Seven, police officers were there. A really good use of my tax dollars. They started lining up at 8am for shoes that were not going on sale until after midnight the following day. I wasn't around when they finally opened the doors, but nothing of control happened, but I couldn't understand people there with blankets and beach chairs sitting in a mall all the live long day for a pair of sneakers.

  2. And since we are girls and can't understand waiting that long for a pair of shoes, you know it MUST be wrong! LOLOL I don't get waiting in line like that for anything....
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I blogged on this same topic. It shouldn't shock me, but it does. The "takers" have more disposable income than the rest of us, they have no sense other than that of entitlement and always want more. Then blame the rest of us for not wanting to give more.

    Oh, and (off topic - a little) we should stop using the terms "disadvantaged", "underprivileged" and "underserved". They tacitly say the rest of us had some kind of advantage or privilege or are better served by government. None of those things are true and we should stop using terms that the Left foists upon us.

  4. thanks for stopping by, Deekaman. I use their terminology so there are no misunderstandings. I don't think anyone is disadvantaged unless they want to be. There are so many programs and safety nets for people these days... even those born into poverty can make it out.

  5. The mentality of people licking the bottom of shoes, idolizing them, staying up all night brazing the cold to get them is beyond me. The majority in this crowd, I would be willing to bet are products of the liberal victim mentality. They are going to GET theirs and yours too...oh, it IS ours, the taxpayers not receiving government funds.

  6. Of course they are Doc Gee! They have no values which is why they place value on these shoes. Focus on what can move you forward in life... those shoes are superficial and worthless in the grand scheme of life!