Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blacks: The Most Gullible Folks on the Planet

I’m greatly exasperated  when I hear people say that Christianity was forced on our ancestors (slaves). This drivel comes from those liberal Blacks who are usually agnostic, atheist or Muslim.  It is an  illogical excuse  that some Blacks give to apparently excuse away their non-belief. They also claim that Christianity is the “White Mans” religion.  Well… I have a couple of problems with their opinions… 1. FAITH is and always has been a choice, and…  2.  Christianity existed on the continent of Africa long before the United States was even created.  I wonder if  people who make such claims, at a minimum, know how to Google?  Truth is FREE! 

Faith can not be forced. One can pretend to believe in God to avoid persecution, but having faith is a choice that often comes from intense deliberation.   Many slaves and free Blacks willingly EMBRACED Christianity. If the objectors would actually take the time to study Blacks in early American history, they would find that most were rabidly Christian… by choice.

I’m not sure if people just don’t know how long Christianity has been around and on which continent it started, or perhaps  they just tend to ignore historical facts because truth is too inconvenient for their lies.  Christianity has been present in Africa (northern region originally) since the 1st century when Mark the Evangelist started the Orthodox Church of Alexandria, in Egypt,  around year 43.  This is why  some of the oldest Christian churches in the world can be found in Africa.

Christianity was dominant in Northern Africa and spreading until the 6th or 7th centuries. During this time, the Islamic Caliphate ended Christianity for several centuries.  Once Islamic rule took hold,  the only Christians remaining were those in the Coptic Christian Church in Egypt and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Funny how the objectors always complain that Christians “force” their religion on others, but they never speak of Islamic invasions or their rule by force.

Black people foolishly allow liberals to rob them of their history. The fact of the matter is, Liberals are trying to erode away Christianity in our nation. They will use Black atheists and perhaps Black Muslims by making them “community leaders” to help lead those who are weak and ill informed away from Christianity by challenging the “blackness” of it. We know that Black folk are always “down for the blackness” and will follow their leaders to the abyss of hell.  Plus, liberals have the benefit of a 70% illegitimacy rate amongst Blacks, (that they helped to create) and this breakdown of the family yields dysfunctional people who are malleable….  the exact type that Liberals were aiming for. 
Personally, I don’t care if one chooses to be an atheist… no skin off my back and more room in heaven for me. After all, God does give us free will.  What I do care about is the concerted effort that Liberals are making to turn this country into an immoral, unpatriotic, illegitimate, socialistic nation that’s void of Christianity (our founding principles).  Why?  Because only in this type of environment will Liberals ever have the unchallenged, perpetual power they crave;  the wealth they crave and governance over the masses (us) who will be diminished into peasantry and government dependency.  
For the trillionth time…. connect the dots… pay attention and read patterns.  Think I’m crazy? the following quote….
“America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life.  If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.”  Joseph Stalin (Mr. Communist himself)
.… now ask yourself,  which of these three things (morality, patriotism, spiritual life) is not under attack by liberals today?   Ummm hmmm!

If any Black person is dumb enough to fall for the “Christianity is the White man’s religion” bulldoodie, or that slaves were forced into Christianity,  or the new Black atheist movement simply because it’s part of the liberal agenda,  then they deserve to rot in hell!  I’m so tired of this kind of stupidity.  Sorry… my “tolerance” for it is very low. 

Incidentally, Christianity has one of the largest followings in many African countries today.   So, who’s forcing Christianity on them now?


  1. Do you realize that the advertisement I'm seeing on your website says: "Meet your Muslim soulmate today." ?

  2. Hi ... Ive never seen anything about Muslims. The advertisements that I see are pretty much from websites that I've visited or from web searches. I have no control over the advertisements and my understanding is they are geared towards the individual.