Friday, December 9, 2011

XY Chromosomes Mean You’re a Man!  (WATCH)
I am LIVID that Natalie Johnson, a struggling, Christian college student, was FIRED from her freakin’ job at Macy’s because a man wearing makeup believed he had the right to enter the lady’s dressing room! NOT!  I personally would feel uncomfortable seeing a male entering a dressing room where I’m changing my clothing, and I don’t care how much makeup he’s wearing!  Shame on you Macy’s… what a bunch of weak, corporate wussies! I hope Ms. Johnson wins her lawsuit and I hope she wins a bazillion dollars!

How much more ridiculousness can we bare, people? This is a problem for me! I’m offended that liberals have determined that I am the same as a man who wants to be a woman. I’m HISSING over that one!  Macy's… some of us girls like to exit the cubicles to view ourselves in the bigger mirrors that hang in the main dressing room areas.   If we are shopping with other females, we like to exit the private cubicle so that we can get the opinions of our shopping buddies. We may do that while wearing only a bra and pants, or a blouse and panties.  Who wants to have some stranger with a penis watching them do that!  What if HE brought his shopping buddies? Do we have to suffer through multiple strangers with penises staring at us? That would make me UNCOMFORTABLE, Macy’s, and I’m OFFENDED by your lack of consideration for my opinion that I’m sure many other women share as well! Newsflash here… we are NOT a genderless society!

Guess what transgender men… you wanting to be a woman is NOT my problem!  Guess what else? You are NOT the same as a woman. You will NEVER be the same as a woman! You will ALWAYS be a man because you will ALWAYS have XY chromosomes. Go ahead… cut off your penis; then you’ll simply be a man without a penis.  And, as Lauryn Farris, the LGBT activist featured in the video proves, you will still LOOK like a man! Who does Larry… I mean ...who does Lauryn think HE’S fooling!

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