Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kim Jong is More Than IL…He’s Dead.


I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind loosing any sleep or tears over Kim Jong-IL’s passing. He was a cruel dictator that got off on having power over and holding the well being of others, including their life and death, in his hands.  Government produced news images coming out of North Korea are showing thousands of “mourners”, wailing and collapsing over his death,  But I don’t believe it’s true grief for one moment! I wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t armed forces standing nearby to give these “mourners”  the incentive to give the performances of their lives…. especially if they had any desire to keep on living.

The North Korean dictator, formerly IL, now dead,  was a hardcore, God-less communist, with a God complex. I even saw a news clip showing a  young girl who had a successful surgery to remove cataracts, and she and her Father turned to a portrait of Jong-Il and began to bow, praise and thank him for her sight!  I hope that kind of forced adoration was worth it to Jong-Il during  his lifetime.

The behavior of citizens shown in the news footage being put forth by the government ran North Korean media actually reminds me of how people behaved over Obama, especially during the peak of his campaigning in  2008.  Children were singing songs about him, people were chanting his name, people were fainting in his presence, liberal pundits were getting tingles up and down their legs, the Obama girls made songs and videos about him and multiple people declared that “Obama will save us”! I think that kind of behavior is called idolatry? Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s what it is.

Soon after the 2008 election and Obama’s win, quaky liberal Woody Allen suggested that Obama be granted dictatorship.  Now, while I think many of the North Koreans are displaying coerced mourning, there are some far left radicals that would LOVE to convert the USA into  a communist dictatorship. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. 

Remember when Obama stated that “the Constitution is fundamentally flawed… it does not say what the government must do for people”?  Well, that’s because the Constitution is the law of our land and prevents the federal government from dictating our lives. Our Nation was designed as a Republic to PREVENT us from falling to a dictatorship. However, the Constitution is being marginalized at every given opportunity, right under our freedom loving noses!  There are too many who want a change in governmental structure; too many are misinformed and too many are flat out clueless!

Because of  the aforementioned types of citizens,  Liberals have been successful in creating an underclass of people who wants the government to provide their sustenance instead of earning it themselves.   And there are many who feel entitled to what others have earned instead of going out and earning their own way.

Unless we can decelerate the growth of the “entitled” faction and deprogram our youth who are being raised to think along the lines of socialism and communism, we will have our own Jong-IL someday. This possibility is not far fetched nor is it a conspiracy theory… it’s a goal of Democrats.. or Liberals or Progressives— they call themselves many things these days.  The Democrat Party is full  of Communist and Socialist.. they are in cahoots!  Take a look at the 1963 Communist Goals. These goals are well underway of being achieved. …. some have been achieved. Which of those goals do Democrats reject?

That age old adage “you never miss what you have until it’s gone'” is scarily appropriate relative to the freedoms we’ve known and loved as Americans. Think about the freedoms we’ve already lost. If more people don’t wake up, we are going to be a mirrored image of socialist Europe and eventually, Communist North Korea. I pray our country shall never see such dark days. I know I won’t see them because I’ll die fighting for my freedom before I’d ever bow to, or praise any man.


  1. Excellent comparison and very much dead on the head regarding the entitlement mentality and worshiping a man and not God! You are absolutely correct that Americans better wake-up!

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  3. Awesome, Vanessa! Too many people have no appreciation of the freedom we enjoy in this country. The wailing of the mourners clearly looked coerced, orchestrated and forced to me.
    Keep up the good work!

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  5. Excellent post. The comparison to the Obama-lovers back in 2008 is spot on. Glad I found your blog.

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