Live Your Values Out Loud!

Life is Simple.

     It really is. Once you accept that life is not an easy ride, but is well worth all the bumps in the long run, you will be ok. It might take some of us longer to realize that than others and that's ok too. Late success is better than no success. Failure is only for those who never figure it out or never try. Just remember that the sooner you get your life on track, the sooner you can enjoy the benefits of a successful life.
     The main thing to do is search out your passions. What captures your attention steadfastly? Research the topic thoroughly to see if it's something that can be parlayed into a successful career. If not, consider what you are or would be very good at and pursue that. Educate yourself on the subject matter to the point of expertise. Your success in this area will give you ample time and funds to enjoy your passion and that's a WIN in the game of life.
     There is a simple formula for success. For the most part it is a tried and true formula: hard work, dedication and sacrifice will get you there. Accept that there are no easy roads; don't try to create shortcuts; ignore negativity; stay focused and you're on your way. The younger you are, the easier it might be for you to become distracted... frat parties, the opposite sex, etc. That's where sacrifice comes in. You can party hard once you have put yourself soundly on the road to success and are seeing your hard work come to fruition. And chances are, you'll come across those individuals who focused more on partying than working hard and the contrast between your life and theirs will more than reiterate that you made the right choices and your life is on the right track.
     Don't worry about obstacles either...they are there to be overcome. Nothing should stand in the way of you achieving your goals. The bottom line is that you can and will be successful if you want to and are willing to put in the work. The more people willing to put in the work the better off our society will be. Individual success flows into our Nation's success. Remember, it was hard work of great people that made our Nation great in the first place. And as my Father used to say, "If it ain't worth workin' for, it ain't worth nothin'!"
     There is one thing that you absolutely must not do. You must not leave your success or happiness to luck. Very few people are successful serendipitously.