Monday, October 31, 2011


Well, not quite. It’s just Liberals being Liberals. I’m referring to the new “bombshell” story in Politico that “exposes” Herman Cain’s sexual harassment claims from 20 years ago. *

Now, if Herman Cain was a liberal Democrat, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the entire race baiting brigade would be yelling from mountain tops, at the top of their lungs… “This is a modern day lynching of a Black man in America. They are only dredging up these lies because he’s Black”. We Conservatives don’t play the race card, soooo… so much for all that!  We deal in truth… you know, facts!  Fact finding is certainly a method that Politico needs to revisit!

Politico wrote this “damning” story of Herman Cain and then asked Cain for the details!  Huh? In what journalistic arena is that appropriate? I’m sorry, but if you write a story for a major news outlet, isn’t it your journalistic duty to provide the facts? Quoting anonymous sources are played out. How long will journalists continue to get away with “sources said”, “according to sources” or “those close to the case said”?  Please! Journalism 101: Who, What, When, Where and How. So far, these questions really haven’t been answered by Politico. For now, I will accept Cain’s accounting that he was falsely accused. If Politico wants to actually display outstanding journalistic abilities and actually do some fact finding and point proving, maybe I will reconsider my position.

Here is what I’ve learned from listening to several news reports and commentators. Approximately 20 years ago, Cain supposedly sexually harassed two women when he was CEO of the National Restaurant Association. The information that has come out so far is sketchy, but it seems that Cain, in a ‘non-overtly sexual way” made sexual innuendos and gestures towards these two women. Huh…again? What are non-overtly sexual, sexual innuendos and gestures? That makes me laugh out loud! Supposedly, these two women received five whole figures as a payoff! However, the more I hear; it seems that the so called payoff was more along the lines of severance associated with the accuser’s termination package.  

Twenty years ago, I was OVERTLY humped against a file cabinet, had my breast OVERTLY grabbed many times, had my breast and butt accidentally, yet OVERTLY “bumped into”, and endured more OVERTLY sexual comments and innuendos than I can count. I dealt with it by socking one guy in the nose, making it clear those things should never happen again and ignoring guys being guys. Twenty years ago, probably half the men Cain’s age “sexually harassed” someone in ways great and small.

My question is did Cain harass someone yesterday? Last year? Five years ago? Why are we revisiting a settled case from the 1990’s? The answer to that question is simple… it’s a modern day liberal attack of a Black Conservative. It’s a very dangerous thing to let a Black man such as Cain, who is a Conservative, make it into the White House… and Lord forbid he actually gets in there and makes a difference. Blacks just might revisit their Conservative Republican roots and leave the Democrat Plantation. Democrats have enjoyed slavery since the 1800’s… they can’t let their main link to power and fortune slip away now, so they will “lynch” Cain if they can. Not the way they lynched Blacks when they started the Klu Klux Klan… no, no, no… modern day lynchings include smearing a person with lies and half truths and since the mainstream media is incredibly liberal, there will be no journalistic fact finding for whatever allegations are levied against Cain, so the smears will stick… true or not. Most importantly, there will be no so called Black leaders to the rescue! The Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of the world would never risk their careers in race baiting by defending a Black Conservative. After all, Cain has committed the only sin deemed unforgivable to Black liberals…..he’s a Conservative. 

Oh… I almost forgot… that “racist” Rush Limbaugh is defending Cain. No?!  I’m laughing out loud again!

* Correction: The timeline for the alledged harassment is twelve years ago according to an interview with Herman Cain on the O'Reilly Show 11/1/11 5:05 pm

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

An Evanescent Legacy

When I take a look at the state of Black America today and then read about Blacks in early American history, I’m saddened, angered, frustrated, and appalled. The negative emotions I feel are never ending. Many Blacks today do not realize that historically, Blacks were more than slaves. The contributions made by Blacks to help shape this great nation are innumerable. Some Blacks have lived up to, or are trying to live up to the legacy left for us by our ancestors. On the other hand, too many Blacks have regressed so severely, that they are OK with being totally dependent on the government for sustenance and are too blind to recognize their economic enslavement. The very institution that our ancestors fought and died to be free of, many today enters it willingly. I guess they equate slavery with shackles, not realizing that shackles are no longer needed for one to be held in bondage.

During the time of slavery, we all know that many Blacks were slaves, but there is more to the story than simply Blacks were slaves and Whites were slave owners; some Whites were slaves and some blacks were free. During this era, Blacks were also Christians, pastors, slave owners, slave traders, doctors, dentists, lawyers, teachers, activists, abolitionists, soldiers, sailors, business owners, politicians, authors, publishers and much more. Our ancestors overcame obstacles during a time of overwhelming oppression that we can‘t begin to comprehend. Today, many Blacks love to use slavery (still) and racism as an excuse for their failures. I’m sick of hearing Blacks talk about our ancestors while living lives that insult their sacrifices, accomplishments and existence. Isn’t it ironic that during slavery, instead of using oppression as an excuse, our ancestors chose to overcome their obstacles?

I am of the opinion that historical contributions and achievements of Black Americans have been left out of mainstream teachings on purpose. The absence of this history helps to tie the liberal Democrats agenda together. If this history was disseminated heavily in mainstream education, Democrats could not hold blacks hostage to the mentality of victimhood due to slavery. If Blacks had been taught that historically, many Blacks were heroes and did miraculous deeds and that many Whites were slaves, it would be hard to sell the “I’m a victim because of slavery” crap! Democrats still need Blacks to continue gaining wealth and power just as they did during slavery. When Democrats realized that they could no longer hold Blacks as chattel and that Blacks would achieve equal rights under the law, they set out to create an underclass by removing the father from the home and therefore destroying the Black family unit. This happened with the introduction of welfare and entitlements. Since the 1950’s Blacks have continued to regress because too many Black women have continued to have babies out of wedlock. And too many Black men have been and still are too eager to walk away from the responsibilities of fatherhood, husband and the role of head of household. The quickest way to destroy a society is to destroy the family unit. The Democrats used this communist strategy to turn Blacks into a voting bloc. The practice is continued to this day; however, today Blacks are willing participants… and continue to regress and continue to blame others. I dare Blacks to study their ancestral history. Remove yourselves from the Black liberation theology nonsense and look up people like Antonio the Negro, Captain Robert Smalls, Maggie Walker, Absalom Jones, Jackson Sisson, John Rock and Elizabeth Keckly. Start there… you will be amazed by what Blacks accomplished as free men and as slaves.

We enjoy freedom and equal rights today, yet we are worlds away form the dignified, resilient, hard working, proud (with reason to be) determined and willing to win against all odds mentality of our ancestors. The legacy that they left for us was one of heroics, intelligence, self sufficiency and a fighting spirit. Not only have we not grasped that legacy and built upon it, many of us have not even discovered it. Others have denied it and still others have tried to erase it. I’m constantly hearing Blacks whine about what was done to their ancestors…to that I say, it’s nothing compared to what YOU are doing to them today! The least we can do as a race and as Americans is to get to know our ancestors and learn what they accomplished. We should then make this history perpetual by teaching it to our children so it can be passed down form generation to generation and never forgotten. Perhaps then so many Blacks will stop wondering in the wilderness and claiming victim status for something they didn’t even experience. It is plausible that some will be inspired and come to the same realization that our ancestors did… and that realization is that one can accomplish many things irrespective of barriers and that this country is full of opportunities and it is your home…it is worth defending, fighting for and dying for!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The tale of the Niggerhead Stone!


Niggerhead, Niggerhead, Niggerhead! There!  I said it three times and nothing bad happened! Although, Liberals are trying their best to “make something happen”, and that’s why you’re hearing the tale of this 30 or 40 year old (maybe older) rock!

Is the Left that scared of what’s coming in 2012 that they have to grasp at such short straws? And are they really still playing these racial games? Those were  rhetorical questions, because they obviously are.  Neither Rick Perry nor Herman Cain should have given this subject the time of day. They both should have shown total disdain for foolish reporters, who dare drudge up such a story, especially since the accountings of current visibility of the word niggerhead is coming from the recollections of multiple anonymous persons.

For all of those who are so offended by this old fossily rock that most likely no longer displays the word niggerhead, are you equally offended by Jay-Z and Kanye West’s album “Niggas in Paris”?  If not, you should be.   That rock, until it was dug up by some lefty reporter,  wasn’t doing any harm to your children or your community, but the song Niggas in Paris and others like it, continue to create a secular culture that is constantly eroding the fibers of morality in inner city communities.  I bet you that Niggas in Paris is not only on a lot of kids IPods, but it’s on their parent’s IPods as well.  Enjoy your cultural rot!

If you’re offended by the niggerhead stone, then surely you’re offended by Janeane Garofalo’s barrage of racist comments. Uncle Tom is a racial slur you know, but she’s referred to Black Conservatives by that slur many times, and I won’t even get into all of the nonsensical racial statements she’s made about Herman Cain. Black Liberals never get offended when White Liberals make racist comments towards Black Conservatives.  I guess it’s because Black liberals refer to us Black Conservatives by such racial slurs as well.  Even Morgan Freeman’s old behind has been acting a fool… and I’m not referring to him having sex with his step granddaughter that he helped raise (nasty!).  I’m referring to him classifying  a  large segment of the population as racists in the absence of ANY proof.    Freeman declared  that Tea Party members were racists even though he’s never attended a rally or knowingly met a Tea Party member. I do believe you have an open invitation to attend a Tea Party rally, Morgan. I hope you GO! Educate yourself so you will no longer make such asinine comments. And then there’s George Lopez! He made the comment that Herman Cain is darker than Obama on the outside but whiter on the inside? Isn’t that calling him an Oreo? Another racial slur? Why is it that those on the left can throw around racial terms so freely with nary a word being said in protest against them, but the moment a CONTRIVED, very slight racial element can remotely be attributed to a Conservative, it becomes news for all of the major media outlets. I suppose this behavior should be expected from Democrats. After all, they have been the masters of racial politics since they owned slaves. 

I’m a Conservative, but I’m not necessarily on the Rick Perry bandwagon. But, this little kerfuffle certainly wouldn’t stop me from supporting him though. It’s MUCH TO DO ABOUT NOHTING. Moreover, I haven’t yet decided which candidate I will support during the primary election. But, I do know that it’s time Conservative candidates stop tip-toeing around, trying to be so polite and it’s time they stop  falling for these race baiting, trap-style questions. Moving forward, Conservative candidates will have to be bold enough to tell stupid reporters to get the heck out of their face when they try to bring up such nonsense!  They need to understand that we are looking for someone that will no longer accept frivolous behavior or lies coming from the Left. Be a warrior darn it!

This country is in big time trouble, so I couldn’t give a rat’s behind about a rock that someone wrote niggerhead on a long, long time ago. We have major issues to deal with and this rock ‘ain’t one of them. So, should you happen to pass the niggerhead stone, rub it three times, say niggerhead three times and make a wish!  I sure hope you wish for a thriving economy… that’s what I’d wish for!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Black Christians: True Faith or Feigned?

Lately, I’ve been paying a lot of attention to a serious deterioration in our society. I’ve been paying attention to people who make faith filled comments and then comparing those comments to their actions.  I hear so many people make comments like “I know the Lord is watching over me” or “I’m going through a rough time right now, but the Lord will see me through”. I then hear these same people make comments that are either/or overtly sexual; a mosaic of profanity; describing how they got or would get drunk, negative comments about their “baby daddy” and what a mother******* dog he was and how they had “lovers on pause”….and these are only the  females talking! What I didn’t see or hear was anything that could suggest authentic Godly behavior. I saw and heard nothing coming from these people that exemplifies true faith. These people left me wondering if they actually believed in God. Did they believe in God’s word and that there will be a judgment day when each and every one of us will stand before God and be held accountable for our sins-- or were they just going through the motions to “appear” to be someone of faith?

I’m fully aware that this behavior is not limited to Black people, but I speak from the Black experience because I’m Black and I’m on a mission to provide a different perspective to those that I believe are lost to liberalism.
There is a difference between believing that God exists and having faith in him. Having faith in God means that you accept Jesus as your personal savior and you aspire to live your life according to scripture because you believe that the reward for doing so is eternity in heaven.  Sadly, my opinion is that so many Blacks may believe that God exists but actually feign faith in him.  I’m inclined to believe that this is more of a mechanical action than a conscious one. It seems to me that many Blacks claim Christianity for the same reason they claim allegiance to the Democrat Party— it’s by design. Culturally, Blacks are expected to believe in God, just as we are expected to be Democrats. We have ALWAYS been very strong in our faith. Growing up, I went to bible study, Sunday school, Sunday service, choir rehearsal and any other service that my Mother felt compelled to send me to. These days, I don’t go to church as I should…I honestly admit that. But, I read scriptures and I discuss the bible, and I talk to God everyday.  The seeds that were planted when I was a child continue to grow to this day. I hated having to go to church so much when I was a kid, but as an adult, I’m forever grateful to my Mother for being a parent and making me do something that I needed to do, but didn’t want to do.  Going to church was the norm when I was growing up… living by faith was how you were raised. My parents talked about God, heaven and hell all the time, but these days…. not so much.  There are too many broken families. Broken families lead to the dysfunction of individuals which often lead to separation from God… and again, this is by design…. the Liberal’s design.
If you read true history, you will see that Blacks like Harriet Tubman, Fredrick Douglas, Joseph Hayne Rainey and many, many others, including slaves were indeed Christians. As a matter of fact, currently 55% of Blacks are church goers; right up there with Republicans and Conservatives. However, Liberals go to church at a rate of only 26%. If Blacks are so deep in their faith, why are many of us following Liberals down such a very dark, ominous road? What is your reward for doing so?

Liberals support removing all references of God from government buildings; removing the Ten Commandments from courthouses and Liberals are also ok with not allowing prayer or the Pledge of Allegiance to be recited in public schools. They also promote sex education for kids as young as five and gay marriage. There is currently a movement to create a politically correct term for pedophiles: minor attracted (as opposed to child rapist). In San Francisco, there was talk of making felons a protected class. The liberal crowd  glamorizes promiscuous sex, single motherhood, and easy divorce (these three things have destroyed the Black family unit). But, what does God’s words say about this behavior? Now, if you’re a Christian, why would you behave in a manner that is totally against the word of God and so savagely destructive? Better yet, why would you support a political party that supports laws, actions and behaviors that are against the word of God? Are you sure God’s spirit is in your heart? If it is, wouldn’t he guide you in a different direction… the right direction? For those of you who support the Liberal Democrat Party, is your allegiance truly to God, or is it to your party’s ideology? Learn the racist, murderous and oppressive history of the Democrat Party… what’s born of evil can never be righteous!

I do not understand how God’s spirit lives in your heart if you are capable of supporting those who are hell-bent on doing everything in their power to destroy or thwart Christians and Christianity. For example, the Bible clearly tells us that abortion is wrong and a sin. So, if Blacks are TRULY as faith driven as we claim to be, why did  did so many of us (I didn’t!) support Barrack Obama at a rate of 95% (during the 2008 election) when Obama actually refused to support legislation that would give babies born alive after an abortion attempt the right to medical care? Is it Godly to deny any human being medical care or the right to life? Many Blacks literally chose the word of Obama over the word of God by voting for him. Maybe your actions were unintentional and you didn’t mean to commit idolatry, or dots simply were not connected. But, if God’s spirit resides in your heart, it would be impossible to support someone that would allow a baby to lie in a dark room until it died because the mother’s intention was to have an abortion. That’s demonic behavior in my opinion.

Let’s take Obama’s class warfare and make it another example. The bible (God’s word) clearly tells us that we should not covet. So, why do so many believe that they are entitled to someone else’s money? A person’s money is their property. Why are you coveting it? Become your own fisherman and earn your own money. Liberals actually have many of you believing that there should be a limit to one’s  ability to earn money and if you earn too much (to date, what constitutes too much money remains undefined), you should give it to the government so they can give it to someone who didn’t earn it, and most likely does not deserve it!

Either you are a person of faith and are willing to live by God’s word and do his will or you’re not. Your politics should NOT guide, overrule, diminish, drown out, bury, subdue, dilute, deteriorate, discard, destroy, become your faith or gain your obedience. Everything you do should be led by your faith and your willingness to be God’s good shepherd. This is how we show God that we are trying to live for him and deserve his mercy and glory. We are all sinners but some of us try to live a Christian life, but others choose their own path but still expect God’s mercy. Really? Ok.
How many times have you heard people say that their loved ones could be in hell? You don’t. Not even when they know their loved ones didn’t live Godly lives. When you live according to the way YOU choose instead of  striving to live as closely to God’s commandments as you possibly can, you shouldn’t  expect to waltz into heaven. Liberals even have some believing that going to heaven is an entitlement.  Getting into heaven is  NOT automatic people.  Matthew 7:21-23;

“21 Not everyone who says to Me, "Lord, Lord," shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven.
22 Many will say to Me in that day, "Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?"
23 And then I will declare to them, "I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness."

Is Obama worth your salvation? Is any person walking on this earth worth your salvation? Is pledging allegiance to the Democrat or any political party worth your salvation? Is anything you’re doing that goes against the word of God worth your salvation? Liberalism will lead to your destruction for all eternity.  Don’t allow yourself or your faith to be lost in liberalism.  It is true that the Lord is watching over us… he’s watching some of us act a fool and separate ourselves from him, and he’s watching some of us try to be  good Christians by making our decisions based on God’s laws and not man’s.