Monday, October 3, 2011

Black Christians: True Faith or Feigned?

Lately, I’ve been paying a lot of attention to a serious deterioration in our society. I’ve been paying attention to people who make faith filled comments and then comparing those comments to their actions.  I hear so many people make comments like “I know the Lord is watching over me” or “I’m going through a rough time right now, but the Lord will see me through”. I then hear these same people make comments that are either/or overtly sexual; a mosaic of profanity; describing how they got or would get drunk, negative comments about their “baby daddy” and what a mother******* dog he was and how they had “lovers on pause”….and these are only the  females talking! What I didn’t see or hear was anything that could suggest authentic Godly behavior. I saw and heard nothing coming from these people that exemplifies true faith. These people left me wondering if they actually believed in God. Did they believe in God’s word and that there will be a judgment day when each and every one of us will stand before God and be held accountable for our sins-- or were they just going through the motions to “appear” to be someone of faith?

I’m fully aware that this behavior is not limited to Black people, but I speak from the Black experience because I’m Black and I’m on a mission to provide a different perspective to those that I believe are lost to liberalism.
There is a difference between believing that God exists and having faith in him. Having faith in God means that you accept Jesus as your personal savior and you aspire to live your life according to scripture because you believe that the reward for doing so is eternity in heaven.  Sadly, my opinion is that so many Blacks may believe that God exists but actually feign faith in him.  I’m inclined to believe that this is more of a mechanical action than a conscious one. It seems to me that many Blacks claim Christianity for the same reason they claim allegiance to the Democrat Party— it’s by design. Culturally, Blacks are expected to believe in God, just as we are expected to be Democrats. We have ALWAYS been very strong in our faith. Growing up, I went to bible study, Sunday school, Sunday service, choir rehearsal and any other service that my Mother felt compelled to send me to. These days, I don’t go to church as I should…I honestly admit that. But, I read scriptures and I discuss the bible, and I talk to God everyday.  The seeds that were planted when I was a child continue to grow to this day. I hated having to go to church so much when I was a kid, but as an adult, I’m forever grateful to my Mother for being a parent and making me do something that I needed to do, but didn’t want to do.  Going to church was the norm when I was growing up… living by faith was how you were raised. My parents talked about God, heaven and hell all the time, but these days…. not so much.  There are too many broken families. Broken families lead to the dysfunction of individuals which often lead to separation from God… and again, this is by design…. the Liberal’s design.
If you read true history, you will see that Blacks like Harriet Tubman, Fredrick Douglas, Joseph Hayne Rainey and many, many others, including slaves were indeed Christians. As a matter of fact, currently 55% of Blacks are church goers; right up there with Republicans and Conservatives. However, Liberals go to church at a rate of only 26%. If Blacks are so deep in their faith, why are many of us following Liberals down such a very dark, ominous road? What is your reward for doing so?

Liberals support removing all references of God from government buildings; removing the Ten Commandments from courthouses and Liberals are also ok with not allowing prayer or the Pledge of Allegiance to be recited in public schools. They also promote sex education for kids as young as five and gay marriage. There is currently a movement to create a politically correct term for pedophiles: minor attracted (as opposed to child rapist). In San Francisco, there was talk of making felons a protected class. The liberal crowd  glamorizes promiscuous sex, single motherhood, and easy divorce (these three things have destroyed the Black family unit). But, what does God’s words say about this behavior? Now, if you’re a Christian, why would you behave in a manner that is totally against the word of God and so savagely destructive? Better yet, why would you support a political party that supports laws, actions and behaviors that are against the word of God? Are you sure God’s spirit is in your heart? If it is, wouldn’t he guide you in a different direction… the right direction? For those of you who support the Liberal Democrat Party, is your allegiance truly to God, or is it to your party’s ideology? Learn the racist, murderous and oppressive history of the Democrat Party… what’s born of evil can never be righteous!

I do not understand how God’s spirit lives in your heart if you are capable of supporting those who are hell-bent on doing everything in their power to destroy or thwart Christians and Christianity. For example, the Bible clearly tells us that abortion is wrong and a sin. So, if Blacks are TRULY as faith driven as we claim to be, why did  did so many of us (I didn’t!) support Barrack Obama at a rate of 95% (during the 2008 election) when Obama actually refused to support legislation that would give babies born alive after an abortion attempt the right to medical care? Is it Godly to deny any human being medical care or the right to life? Many Blacks literally chose the word of Obama over the word of God by voting for him. Maybe your actions were unintentional and you didn’t mean to commit idolatry, or dots simply were not connected. But, if God’s spirit resides in your heart, it would be impossible to support someone that would allow a baby to lie in a dark room until it died because the mother’s intention was to have an abortion. That’s demonic behavior in my opinion.

Let’s take Obama’s class warfare and make it another example. The bible (God’s word) clearly tells us that we should not covet. So, why do so many believe that they are entitled to someone else’s money? A person’s money is their property. Why are you coveting it? Become your own fisherman and earn your own money. Liberals actually have many of you believing that there should be a limit to one’s  ability to earn money and if you earn too much (to date, what constitutes too much money remains undefined), you should give it to the government so they can give it to someone who didn’t earn it, and most likely does not deserve it!

Either you are a person of faith and are willing to live by God’s word and do his will or you’re not. Your politics should NOT guide, overrule, diminish, drown out, bury, subdue, dilute, deteriorate, discard, destroy, become your faith or gain your obedience. Everything you do should be led by your faith and your willingness to be God’s good shepherd. This is how we show God that we are trying to live for him and deserve his mercy and glory. We are all sinners but some of us try to live a Christian life, but others choose their own path but still expect God’s mercy. Really? Ok.
How many times have you heard people say that their loved ones could be in hell? You don’t. Not even when they know their loved ones didn’t live Godly lives. When you live according to the way YOU choose instead of  striving to live as closely to God’s commandments as you possibly can, you shouldn’t  expect to waltz into heaven. Liberals even have some believing that going to heaven is an entitlement.  Getting into heaven is  NOT automatic people.  Matthew 7:21-23;

“21 Not everyone who says to Me, "Lord, Lord," shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven.
22 Many will say to Me in that day, "Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?"
23 And then I will declare to them, "I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness."

Is Obama worth your salvation? Is any person walking on this earth worth your salvation? Is pledging allegiance to the Democrat or any political party worth your salvation? Is anything you’re doing that goes against the word of God worth your salvation? Liberalism will lead to your destruction for all eternity.  Don’t allow yourself or your faith to be lost in liberalism.  It is true that the Lord is watching over us… he’s watching some of us act a fool and separate ourselves from him, and he’s watching some of us try to be  good Christians by making our decisions based on God’s laws and not man’s.  


  1. I saw the link to your blog via a FB friend - and I'm glad I did. you are expressing what I think on so many subjects - and I really like your writing.

  2. Thank you... and thanks for taking the time to comment.

    Following Harriet

  3. Hi Vanessa, I feel so close to you right now, and I thank God for people like you as gives me hope for the future. I don't know you, but I feel closer to you then some in my own extended family. So much as this has been on my mind lately wondering how many folks have turned from God or never really bothered to know him. I am a gramma, a white one (well mostly white) and seen a lot in my life. When I see some of the young people black and white waiting for their handouts in videos, I wonder what are their grandparents, great grandparents or maybe even parents are thinking. I know some of their hearts must be breaking. Just because I'm against what the president stands for I've been more or less called a racist which really surprised and hurt me. Of course I believe in helping the needy and the elderly but when I have to work extra hours to keep up and I see young healthy people wanting everything from phones to childcare I get tired. We were raised living from pay check to pay check and my parents idea was when the rough gets going the tough gets going. I made it without all those extras. I knew some young people are set bad examples, but part of maturing is knowing whatever decisions they make, are going to make their life. If that handout is not there and they are hungry they will work to eat. We are hurting the children by not letting them grow up and grow responsible. Now that I am a senior, I am afraid if I need surgery I will get a pill instead like the president said back in 2007 or 8. I wish you could be in politics so your message could reach a lot of young people that need a good positive leader. I will share your words and hope it reaches someone that really needs it. Thanks for being you.