Wednesday, October 19, 2011

An Evanescent Legacy

When I take a look at the state of Black America today and then read about Blacks in early American history, I’m saddened, angered, frustrated, and appalled. The negative emotions I feel are never ending. Many Blacks today do not realize that historically, Blacks were more than slaves. The contributions made by Blacks to help shape this great nation are innumerable. Some Blacks have lived up to, or are trying to live up to the legacy left for us by our ancestors. On the other hand, too many Blacks have regressed so severely, that they are OK with being totally dependent on the government for sustenance and are too blind to recognize their economic enslavement. The very institution that our ancestors fought and died to be free of, many today enters it willingly. I guess they equate slavery with shackles, not realizing that shackles are no longer needed for one to be held in bondage.

During the time of slavery, we all know that many Blacks were slaves, but there is more to the story than simply Blacks were slaves and Whites were slave owners; some Whites were slaves and some blacks were free. During this era, Blacks were also Christians, pastors, slave owners, slave traders, doctors, dentists, lawyers, teachers, activists, abolitionists, soldiers, sailors, business owners, politicians, authors, publishers and much more. Our ancestors overcame obstacles during a time of overwhelming oppression that we can‘t begin to comprehend. Today, many Blacks love to use slavery (still) and racism as an excuse for their failures. I’m sick of hearing Blacks talk about our ancestors while living lives that insult their sacrifices, accomplishments and existence. Isn’t it ironic that during slavery, instead of using oppression as an excuse, our ancestors chose to overcome their obstacles?

I am of the opinion that historical contributions and achievements of Black Americans have been left out of mainstream teachings on purpose. The absence of this history helps to tie the liberal Democrats agenda together. If this history was disseminated heavily in mainstream education, Democrats could not hold blacks hostage to the mentality of victimhood due to slavery. If Blacks had been taught that historically, many Blacks were heroes and did miraculous deeds and that many Whites were slaves, it would be hard to sell the “I’m a victim because of slavery” crap! Democrats still need Blacks to continue gaining wealth and power just as they did during slavery. When Democrats realized that they could no longer hold Blacks as chattel and that Blacks would achieve equal rights under the law, they set out to create an underclass by removing the father from the home and therefore destroying the Black family unit. This happened with the introduction of welfare and entitlements. Since the 1950’s Blacks have continued to regress because too many Black women have continued to have babies out of wedlock. And too many Black men have been and still are too eager to walk away from the responsibilities of fatherhood, husband and the role of head of household. The quickest way to destroy a society is to destroy the family unit. The Democrats used this communist strategy to turn Blacks into a voting bloc. The practice is continued to this day; however, today Blacks are willing participants… and continue to regress and continue to blame others. I dare Blacks to study their ancestral history. Remove yourselves from the Black liberation theology nonsense and look up people like Antonio the Negro, Captain Robert Smalls, Maggie Walker, Absalom Jones, Jackson Sisson, John Rock and Elizabeth Keckly. Start there… you will be amazed by what Blacks accomplished as free men and as slaves.

We enjoy freedom and equal rights today, yet we are worlds away form the dignified, resilient, hard working, proud (with reason to be) determined and willing to win against all odds mentality of our ancestors. The legacy that they left for us was one of heroics, intelligence, self sufficiency and a fighting spirit. Not only have we not grasped that legacy and built upon it, many of us have not even discovered it. Others have denied it and still others have tried to erase it. I’m constantly hearing Blacks whine about what was done to their ancestors…to that I say, it’s nothing compared to what YOU are doing to them today! The least we can do as a race and as Americans is to get to know our ancestors and learn what they accomplished. We should then make this history perpetual by teaching it to our children so it can be passed down form generation to generation and never forgotten. Perhaps then so many Blacks will stop wondering in the wilderness and claiming victim status for something they didn’t even experience. It is plausible that some will be inspired and come to the same realization that our ancestors did… and that realization is that one can accomplish many things irrespective of barriers and that this country is full of opportunities and it is your home…it is worth defending, fighting for and dying for!


  1. i really enjoy your blog - your insights are so good...

  2. Thanks, so much!