Sunday, November 27, 2011

Legacy of Democrats In Pictures: Graphic

The Democrat Party is the party of slavery, oppression, violation of human and civil rights, the Civil War, Black Codes, the KKK, lynching (including burning people alive), murders, abortions (introduced by the racist Democrat  Margaret Sanger as a means to exterminate the “human weeds”, meaning Blacks), Jim Crow, racial division,  and the destruction of the Black family unit. Why does this party still exist? Moreover, why do they garner 90%+ support from Blacks? Wow!

Why do so many Blacks LOVE the Democrats so much, but HATE Republicans and see that party as the party of racism, when the Republican Party was the party fighting to free slaves, give Blacks civil rights, passing anti-lynching laws, defeating the Black Codes and Jim Crow laws and fighting to give Blacks the right to be educated.  I shake my head in disbelief at what the Democrats/liberals/progressives/socialists/communists are doing and have been able to do and still prosper. What they have done historically and what they continue to do is unforgiveable in my book!  Black folk…. you’ve been “disrespected”!  Isn’t that a favorite phrase of so many Blacks…. “don’t disrespect me”?  Well… Democrats have been “disrespecting” we Black folk for hundreds of years!

Look at the atrocities visited on mankind, especially Blacks by the Democrat Party. An extensive amount of re-education is needed to expose historical truths and to reveal the true intent of the Democrat Party. That intent, in my opinion and based on their actions, is to create enough of an underclass in this nation to secure permanent power for their party and the Liberal elites. Before you call me crazy, pay attention to their policies and the outcome of implementing those policies. Black folk, look at the current circumstances of most Blacks… and then ask your self this question…has it been worth solely supporting Democrats for the past 50+ years?  Honestly?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Obama Gaffes: Did you hear about these? Probably Not!


I get so very tired of hearing the mainstream media (MSM) beat up on Conservative candidates for making the same types of mistakes that Liberal Candidates make.. like Obama! Conservatives get a barrage of negative publicity for the slightest of flubs, but nary a peep is made when Liberals go boing-boing. To even up the score and make myself feel better, I’ve compiled some of Obama’s most famous gaffes. Now, I will admit that I have not quoted him verbatim. I’ve used his words and improvised a wee bit, but you will get the gist of his absurdity. I’ve highlighted his actual words when appropriate.  You can slide past the MSM Obama, but you can’t slide past me! I see you!!!

I’ve been to what… about 57 states now? I got one more to go!” Wooooo! Must be very tiring to travel to states that don’t even exist…  unless he meant Muslim states?

The word  corpsmen is pronounced <core men> Mr. President, not corpse (dead body) men

“I was like the Special Olympics out there bowling” hugga hugga hugga (dumb laughter). No, you’re not like the Special Olympics… you’re just a tard!

“Nancy Reagan was having séances all up in the White House ya’ll! Huh? Oh..… she used an astrologer?  Damn! I’m wrong again!

Remember when he tried to open a window to the White House for a door? I wish he’d never found it!

Did you see when he bumped the hell out of his head on Marine One? Hilarious!!!!!

The United States can survive another terrorist attack”… Huh? What kind of statement is that!?

The tornado in Kansas killed 10, 000 people”.. Close Barack… it killed 12.

Remember when he claimed his parents uniting was a direct result of  the Civil Rights Movement? Hmmm… except that he was born in 1961 and that march on Alabama was in 1965. Actually Barack, I think it was your mother’s whoring around that caused her to meet the penis slinging Kenyan.

Didn’t he say that Iran was not a threat to us? Maybe he meant the Muslim “us”?

McCain hasn’t mentioned my Muslim faith”… Did you mean your Christian faith?  “Oh, ya.. my bad” LOL! Who confuses that!?

Bowing to foreign leaders… Muslim and Communists!  Way to show strength, Bams!

My energy policy would necessarily cause prices to skyrocket”.. Ok.. thanks for letting us know you’re going to cost us a lot more money! 

Yes! He really gave the British Prime Minister a set of movie DVD”s and the Queen an IPOD (so embarrassing) as gifts.

“What up with all you bitter  bible, religion and gun clingers? Ya’ll need to chill with that! Seriously! Some of us cling to the Quran….hello!”

“Your uncle did what? Oh yeah! Well, my uncle liberated Auschwitz! He did! I ain’t lyin’!'”

“I’m gonna be President for at least the next eight to ten years..sooooo….”  He obviously has a problem with numbers!

“AWW MAN! I LOVES me some White Sox!! Yes I do, yes I do!! Huh? Name my favorite player? ummm ummm ummm..What kind of trick question is that?”

“I really enjoyed the state of Eau Claire…it’s a beautiful state…. great bratwurst”

“Anybody know how to speak Austrian"?” No… Ok, well.. is anyone from the country Europe”? NO??!!

“Well you know…if my daughters end up “behaving” like their grandmother, I wouldn’t want them to be punished with a baby…, ya, abortion is cool”.

“I don’t know all the details, but those White cops acted stupidly.” If he didn’t know the facts, how did he come to the conclusion that the cops were stupid?

"Let me be absolutely clear. Israel is a strong friend of Israel's… they’re going to have to be their own strongest friend because  the US won’t be under my administration…that’s all I’m sayin!”

“My Grandmother be trippin’ ya’ll. She be clutchin’ her purse and locking her doors when she see Black folk… you know… she’s a typical White person”

"On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes -- and I see many of them in the audience here today -- our sense of patriotism is particularly strong."  Ummm… if they’re fallen heroes, doesn’t that mean they’re dead? So… how are they sitting in the audience? We’re they exhumed or ???

I want to go to Hawaii… so, according to Obama, I’ll need to go to Asia… because that’s where Hawaii is….hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good grief… there are so many, many more! I could go on and on, but quite frankly, I’m tired of typing. Regarding Obama’s gaffes, I’ll quote Al Sharpton…. “resist we much, we must and we will much about that be committed”  Amen, Sharpton! LMAO!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Protestors Rights vs. Public Safety: Apparently the Answer Isn’t Obvious

Man Arrested After Sexual Assault At 'Occupy Philadelphia' | Fox News

Rape, murder, child molestation, assault, drugs, theft, anti-Semitism, vandalism, public sex, public urinating and defecating, hundreds upon hundreds of arrests and tuberculosis….errrrhh, drug resistant tuberculosis!! Don’t mind me, I’m just rattling off some of the serious happenings at various Occupy Wall Street (OWS) sites. What’s more alarming than these attacks and the disgusting behavior of the OWS crowd is that most city officials have not been poised to end these mindless charades and have been very slow to come to the conclusion that it’s time to shut down these anarchistic cities within cities.

At what point does public safety regain its rightful place and trump these troublemaker’s right to protest day after day, night after night, week after week? Will this disorganized grumbling turn into months? Years? Does anyone know what their actual demands are? Do they? Equally important questions are why should their right to protest cause businesses to lose revenue or go out of business? Why should their right to protest cause another person to lose their job? Why should the rest of us have to tolerate them when they are clearly a daily, public nuisance at minimum? However, after several murders, they have clearly shown themselves to be a far greater threat than a simple nuisance. 

The OWS protestor’s chatter reflects the typical liberal lunacy of ending Capitalism, corporate greed and taxing the rich. If greed is causing their angst, it seems to me that they should be camped out in front of the White House, Congress or the offices of local elected officials.  Why not occupy Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (FMFM)? They owe taxpayers billions in bailout money and they just might be receiving more tax dollars in the very near future. FMFM continues to lose money quarter after quarter, yet they just rewarded ten of their “top performing” executives with bonuses equaling over 13 million dollars!  If corporations and banks are greedy for doing the same thing, then where are the occupiers for FMFM? While FMFM isn’t a governmental agency, it is indeed a huge player in political cronyism…but, it’s the Democrat’s baby which explains why you don’t see these liberal occupiers camped out in front of their door steps! No entity is greedier than the government. The government is constantly thieving from taxpayers and using our money for paying off friends or wasting it on something foolish like teaching African men how to clean their uncircumcised penises. The fact they these protestors are not focusing on the government and governmental policies makes them highly suspicious regarding truly wanting “change”.

The Tea Party, they ain’t….OK! Let us just end that insulting comparison right here and now! The Tea Party was not funded by billionaires such as George Soros the way the OWS movement is. OWS is also receiving support from ACORN and Unions.  OWS is NOT a grassroots movement… it has too many Left Wing money machines behind it. From my point of view, the OWS movement represents the hodgepodge that is the Democrat Party… just a bunch of angry, misinformed, indoctrinated and misguided progressives, anarchists, communists and socialists. I think most Americans are realizing that it is past time to put this lawlessness to an end. It is time for these clowns to either occupy their homes or a jail cell. How much more lawlessness must our civilized society endure so that this statistically small group of citizens can have the right to disguise their mischief as protesting?