Sunday, November 27, 2011

Legacy of Democrats In Pictures: Graphic

The Democrat Party is the party of slavery, oppression, violation of human and civil rights, the Civil War, Black Codes, the KKK, lynching (including burning people alive), murders, abortions (introduced by the racist Democrat  Margaret Sanger as a means to exterminate the “human weeds”, meaning Blacks), Jim Crow, racial division,  and the destruction of the Black family unit. Why does this party still exist? Moreover, why do they garner 90%+ support from Blacks? Wow!

Why do so many Blacks LOVE the Democrats so much, but HATE Republicans and see that party as the party of racism, when the Republican Party was the party fighting to free slaves, give Blacks civil rights, passing anti-lynching laws, defeating the Black Codes and Jim Crow laws and fighting to give Blacks the right to be educated.  I shake my head in disbelief at what the Democrats/liberals/progressives/socialists/communists are doing and have been able to do and still prosper. What they have done historically and what they continue to do is unforgiveable in my book!  Black folk…. you’ve been “disrespected”!  Isn’t that a favorite phrase of so many Blacks…. “don’t disrespect me”?  Well… Democrats have been “disrespecting” we Black folk for hundreds of years!

Look at the atrocities visited on mankind, especially Blacks by the Democrat Party. An extensive amount of re-education is needed to expose historical truths and to reveal the true intent of the Democrat Party. That intent, in my opinion and based on their actions, is to create enough of an underclass in this nation to secure permanent power for their party and the Liberal elites. Before you call me crazy, pay attention to their policies and the outcome of implementing those policies. Black folk, look at the current circumstances of most Blacks… and then ask your self this question…has it been worth solely supporting Democrats for the past 50+ years?  Honestly?

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