Blacks Were More Than Slaves

I find it disgraceful that so many in our society view the era of slavery in two dimensions; slave and slave owner; moreover, Whites owning Blacks. Is that really the gist of what’s being taught in schools these days? I do not understand how such a level of ignorance blankets most people. Well, I take that last comment back… since the public school system is such a mega failure, students graduating as intellectually inept as the day is long is no surprise, but that’s another article for another time.

The era of slavery ended in 1865, but continues to divide us racially in 2011. Some of today’s Blacks want to blame today’s Whites for what happened in our country historically, before any of us, or our parents were even born. If Whites are to be hated for slavery, then shouldn’t there be an equal visceral hatred for the African Chieftains who sold their own people into slavery for profit? What about Arab Muslims who enslaved Africans for over 1400 years, and are actually still enslaving them today? I firmly believe that if accurate history regarding this era was actually taught in schools (instead of teaching our youth how to have safe anal sex), we would by now be dealing with fading racial scars instead of wounds that wont heal; better yet, wounds that are not allowed to heal.

True history should have been taught to all of us, but I think Blacks especially needed for this to happen. The majority of Blacks in this country seem to think that all Blacks descended from slaves and that’s just not true. Some of us descended from slaves, but historically, Blacks were more than slaves! Some of us descended from free Blacks. Some of our ancestors were doctors, lawyers, authors, poets, business owners, publishers, soldiers, sailors, activists, politicians, slave traders and slave owners. Blacks were survivors who tenaciously fought for their God-Given rights! They fought in unity, for unity of their families, their country, and their freedom and for their equality.

It’s a near fatal mistake (for our Nation) to ONLY focus on Blacks being ONLY slaves (historically). There are no feelings of inferiority or festering resentment when you break down the truth. Truth of who Blacks were and what they accomplished from the onset of this great nation can only foster prideful feelings for the sacrifices that all of those who came before us made. Our ancestors created a nation that in its short two hundred and thirty five years of existence, surpassed nations with thousands of years of culture, to become a super power and one of the most coveted countries on earth!
The contributions made by Black Americans are innumerable! The fact that this history has not been disseminated as profusely as other parts of American history is definitely a perplexity. I believe it has been denied to us on purpose to perpetuate a sense of victim hood amongst Black. Victimhood status creates individuals who are easily manipulated and can be easily controlled politically.
There were endless, brilliant men and women of all hues whose contributions made this country the greatest on the planet. Their results should give every American a feeling of being blessed to live in the United States of America; furthermore, it should make every citizen do what ever it takes to keep our nation strong. Many before us left indelible marks and will never be forgotten.

It's time Blacks stop using slavery as an excuse, a source of victim hood or the reason to have disdain for their country. It's time we strive to make those ancestors that Blacks constantly refer to, as proud of us as we should be of them. I hope you find Following Harriet to be informing, interesting and inspiring. Knowledge is powerful and our American history is endless, so follow this site for updates as they are added. Thank you for visiting "We Were More Than Slaves". Knowing true history will surely break the chains of modern day bondage and end the era of slavery once and for all.