Sunday, November 13, 2011

Protestors Rights vs. Public Safety: Apparently the Answer Isn’t Obvious

Man Arrested After Sexual Assault At 'Occupy Philadelphia' | Fox News

Rape, murder, child molestation, assault, drugs, theft, anti-Semitism, vandalism, public sex, public urinating and defecating, hundreds upon hundreds of arrests and tuberculosis….errrrhh, drug resistant tuberculosis!! Don’t mind me, I’m just rattling off some of the serious happenings at various Occupy Wall Street (OWS) sites. What’s more alarming than these attacks and the disgusting behavior of the OWS crowd is that most city officials have not been poised to end these mindless charades and have been very slow to come to the conclusion that it’s time to shut down these anarchistic cities within cities.

At what point does public safety regain its rightful place and trump these troublemaker’s right to protest day after day, night after night, week after week? Will this disorganized grumbling turn into months? Years? Does anyone know what their actual demands are? Do they? Equally important questions are why should their right to protest cause businesses to lose revenue or go out of business? Why should their right to protest cause another person to lose their job? Why should the rest of us have to tolerate them when they are clearly a daily, public nuisance at minimum? However, after several murders, they have clearly shown themselves to be a far greater threat than a simple nuisance. 

The OWS protestor’s chatter reflects the typical liberal lunacy of ending Capitalism, corporate greed and taxing the rich. If greed is causing their angst, it seems to me that they should be camped out in front of the White House, Congress or the offices of local elected officials.  Why not occupy Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (FMFM)? They owe taxpayers billions in bailout money and they just might be receiving more tax dollars in the very near future. FMFM continues to lose money quarter after quarter, yet they just rewarded ten of their “top performing” executives with bonuses equaling over 13 million dollars!  If corporations and banks are greedy for doing the same thing, then where are the occupiers for FMFM? While FMFM isn’t a governmental agency, it is indeed a huge player in political cronyism…but, it’s the Democrat’s baby which explains why you don’t see these liberal occupiers camped out in front of their door steps! No entity is greedier than the government. The government is constantly thieving from taxpayers and using our money for paying off friends or wasting it on something foolish like teaching African men how to clean their uncircumcised penises. The fact they these protestors are not focusing on the government and governmental policies makes them highly suspicious regarding truly wanting “change”.

The Tea Party, they ain’t….OK! Let us just end that insulting comparison right here and now! The Tea Party was not funded by billionaires such as George Soros the way the OWS movement is. OWS is also receiving support from ACORN and Unions.  OWS is NOT a grassroots movement… it has too many Left Wing money machines behind it. From my point of view, the OWS movement represents the hodgepodge that is the Democrat Party… just a bunch of angry, misinformed, indoctrinated and misguided progressives, anarchists, communists and socialists. I think most Americans are realizing that it is past time to put this lawlessness to an end. It is time for these clowns to either occupy their homes or a jail cell. How much more lawlessness must our civilized society endure so that this statistically small group of citizens can have the right to disguise their mischief as protesting?

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