Monday, October 31, 2011


Well, not quite. It’s just Liberals being Liberals. I’m referring to the new “bombshell” story in Politico that “exposes” Herman Cain’s sexual harassment claims from 20 years ago. *

Now, if Herman Cain was a liberal Democrat, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the entire race baiting brigade would be yelling from mountain tops, at the top of their lungs… “This is a modern day lynching of a Black man in America. They are only dredging up these lies because he’s Black”. We Conservatives don’t play the race card, soooo… so much for all that!  We deal in truth… you know, facts!  Fact finding is certainly a method that Politico needs to revisit!

Politico wrote this “damning” story of Herman Cain and then asked Cain for the details!  Huh? In what journalistic arena is that appropriate? I’m sorry, but if you write a story for a major news outlet, isn’t it your journalistic duty to provide the facts? Quoting anonymous sources are played out. How long will journalists continue to get away with “sources said”, “according to sources” or “those close to the case said”?  Please! Journalism 101: Who, What, When, Where and How. So far, these questions really haven’t been answered by Politico. For now, I will accept Cain’s accounting that he was falsely accused. If Politico wants to actually display outstanding journalistic abilities and actually do some fact finding and point proving, maybe I will reconsider my position.

Here is what I’ve learned from listening to several news reports and commentators. Approximately 20 years ago, Cain supposedly sexually harassed two women when he was CEO of the National Restaurant Association. The information that has come out so far is sketchy, but it seems that Cain, in a ‘non-overtly sexual way” made sexual innuendos and gestures towards these two women. Huh…again? What are non-overtly sexual, sexual innuendos and gestures? That makes me laugh out loud! Supposedly, these two women received five whole figures as a payoff! However, the more I hear; it seems that the so called payoff was more along the lines of severance associated with the accuser’s termination package.  

Twenty years ago, I was OVERTLY humped against a file cabinet, had my breast OVERTLY grabbed many times, had my breast and butt accidentally, yet OVERTLY “bumped into”, and endured more OVERTLY sexual comments and innuendos than I can count. I dealt with it by socking one guy in the nose, making it clear those things should never happen again and ignoring guys being guys. Twenty years ago, probably half the men Cain’s age “sexually harassed” someone in ways great and small.

My question is did Cain harass someone yesterday? Last year? Five years ago? Why are we revisiting a settled case from the 1990’s? The answer to that question is simple… it’s a modern day liberal attack of a Black Conservative. It’s a very dangerous thing to let a Black man such as Cain, who is a Conservative, make it into the White House… and Lord forbid he actually gets in there and makes a difference. Blacks just might revisit their Conservative Republican roots and leave the Democrat Plantation. Democrats have enjoyed slavery since the 1800’s… they can’t let their main link to power and fortune slip away now, so they will “lynch” Cain if they can. Not the way they lynched Blacks when they started the Klu Klux Klan… no, no, no… modern day lynchings include smearing a person with lies and half truths and since the mainstream media is incredibly liberal, there will be no journalistic fact finding for whatever allegations are levied against Cain, so the smears will stick… true or not. Most importantly, there will be no so called Black leaders to the rescue! The Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of the world would never risk their careers in race baiting by defending a Black Conservative. After all, Cain has committed the only sin deemed unforgivable to Black liberals…..he’s a Conservative. 

Oh… I almost forgot… that “racist” Rush Limbaugh is defending Cain. No?!  I’m laughing out loud again!

* Correction: The timeline for the alledged harassment is twelve years ago according to an interview with Herman Cain on the O'Reilly Show 11/1/11 5:05 pm


  1. Thanks, Harriet! " seems that Cain, in a ‘non-overtly sexual way” made sexual innuendos and gestures towards these two women. Huh…again? What are non-overtly sexual, sexual innuendos and gestures? That makes me laugh out loud!" amazing, huh?

  2. I wonder how much these cellar's dweller, computer guys in their underpants get paid for digging up dirt on Herman Cain.
    They must be working up a sweat on this latest smear campaign.
    Hang in there, Mr. Cain. You're getting under their skin and they are running low on their supply of bad information.

  3. Good article, but for one point. The people you're cricitizing are NOT liberals, they're SOCIALISTS. A liberal is a person who favors liberalism, and liberalism is a political philosophy based on belief in progress, the essential goodness of the human race, and the autonomy of the individual and standing for the protection of political and civil liberties. Clinton, Obama and their ilk are nothing like that.

  4. The previous comment in defense of liberalism (old school) is valid. Trouble is we need to re-educate the indoctrinated.

  5. To me it just looks like the media is grasping at straws...

  6. Thanks so much for the comments. Regarding the liberal vs. socialist comment, Ive never heard the race baiters refer to themselves as socialist, but they are registered democrats and I have heard them refer to themselves as Democrats, liberals and progressives. Liberals, progressives, communist, socialist... they are all part of the Democrat party. I know there is a communist party, but it really has no traction election wise... but, they don't have to becasue Democrats are bringing fruition to their goals.

    Thanks Again for all the comments.
    Vanessa - Following Harriet

  7. Trublue... they are grasping for staws.... I believe the woman who Obama allegedly had an affair with was named Vera Baker... heard of that story? I hadnt either... becasue the media would never pursue it the way they are pursuing Cain!

    Vanessa~ Following Harriet

  8. Dear Vanessa :

    Have you been aggravating The BIG Bad Facebook Mommy again?? lol Nice job. Keep up the good work.

    You have an interesting blog here. I'll be persusing in depth asap.


  9. Apparently I have, Paul ha! Thanks for the compliment!

    Vanessa~ Following Harriet

  10. Harriet you totally have a new fan. Resent reports indicate that the Herminator is more than holding his own. : )

  11. He sure is Poffrono! People with common sense is sick of character assasination via anonymous sources!

    Thanks for reading my blog!

    Vanessa~ Following Harriet!