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Close The Gate, Ladies!

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It’s no surprise or shock that we have an out of control illegitimacy rate amongst Blacks. It is currently at 75% and purported to be 90% in some communities. For those not following me, that means for every 100 households in predominately Black communities, at least 75 of them are without fathers/husbands. The lack of a two parent home perpetuates the cycle of poverty. This is why you see minorities getting poorer and poorer despite all of the “government money” being poured into these communities disguised as “help”. The government (Democrats) is who created this problem and the government continues to exacerbate it. Give me any social problem in inner city communities and I will tell you how the absence of two parents (usually the father) is to blame. No politician and no amount of government money or government programs/policies can fix what ails these communities. There is only one cure and that is putting the Black family unit back together. And you know what Ladies? Putting the family back together falls squarely on our shoulders! We are the key. Yes ma’am… WOMEN! Why WOMEN, you may be asking? Well for one, women “broke it”, but also because women are the gatekeepers of morality. When women lose their sense of morality (having babies outside of marriage… that‘s how we “broke it“), complete chaos ensues. If you don’t believe me and you live in one of these communities, take a look around. What do you see? It’s critical, huh?

There was a time when guys had to prove their worthiness to us. He had to prove that he could provide for a family; was trustworthy; God fearing and would be a good husband and father. Nowadays, all a lot of guys have to do is want to have sex with us and WHAM-O! He’s in. And when he does his hit it and quit it routine, what is the woman left with? Usually bitterness; maybe an STD; often a baby and more times than not, a very jaded outlook when it comes to relationships! Some women even jump to “the other team”, if you know what I mean! Ummhmm!

We call these hit it and quit it busters’ “dogs“. The fact of the matter is we create them! Yes, we do! Far too many women give up their bodies’ way to quickly and way too easily! From the night club to your bed… a courtship is no longer required. There are no longer standards or qualifications for guys to meet. These days, guys don‘t even need jobs; hell, many of us give THEM money! They don’t have to have goals, a purpose or a plan for their lives. They don’t even have to respect us… and they don’t! Think about it. What happens when many women catch “their man” cheating? They beat the hell out of the other woman…that‘s what happens! And, they take “their man” back on his promise (a lie and you know it) that he will never do it again. Many of us wont hold “our man” accountable for anything he does. As a result, he roams free, strays when he feels like it, spends your money as he pleases and as my mother use to say, he doesn’t have to “hit a lick at a snake”! As long as some of us can make the claim “I gotta man”…. it seems that’s enough for us. See how WE create these “dogs“?

Meeting a woman’s father is certainly no longer required. Often times, many of us don’t even know who our father is or where he is. It’s sad that the absence of a father in our own lives is what causes us to be so “sick” and misguided when it comes to picking a good man. Many of us never had an example to go by… we didn’t grow up knowing what a “good man” looked like. As a result of this major absence in our lives, we repeat the same cycle that we’ve witnessed our mothers, aunts, cousins, friends and the neighbor women on each side of us and across and down the street from us repeat time and time again. We go from one deadbeat to another… never demanding respect and never demanding anything of substance in return. The major problem of this cycle is that, far to many of us have babies by many of these fools we “date”, not even realizing (or maybe not caring) that we are creating the next generation that will continue this vicious, destructive and incredibly sad cycle.

How did this breakdown in our communities happen? Well, starting in the 1920’s, Democrats started courting Blacks with welfare and entitlements. By the 50’s and 60’s, welfare had already began to rip away the Christian based foundation of the Black community and replace it with a more secular and immoral lifestyle (single motherhood… it‘s even glamorized by Hollywood these days) and by instilling a sense of entitlement in us (the right to someone else’s’ money to support you and your children). Women were encouraged to have babies, but were DISCOURAGED from marrying “they baby daddy”. If they married, then the welfare money would be taken away. This practice made the woman and child more dependent on the government just as during slavery, selling off the husband made the woman and child more dependent on the slave master. Democrats were the slave masters weren’t they?! See the similarities? In 1965, Patrick Moynihan, a White Democrat, wrote the Moynihan report. In this report, he noted that the absence of the nuclear family (mother and father in the home) in the Black community would NEVER allow Blacks to be politically or economically equal with Whites. He also stated that the continuance of entitlements would only further weaken the already fractured Black family. Moynihan was vilified and painted a racist by Democrats; a practice still employed by Democrats today when they need to bury the truth! So, my question is, why do Democrats continue to push entitlements to minorities after knowing and seeing the injurious affects of these entitlements?

In my opinion, Democrats purposely set out to create an underclass within the Black population. They didn’t care about the injurious affects; they knew that creating an underclass that was dependant on the government would assure them votes; they were creating a voting bloc. They could no longer hold us as physical slaves but economic slaves would do just as well to preserve their own wealth and power! They have succeeded to the point where I’m frightened for the future of the Black race. Look what we’ve regressed to as a community and as a society. Meanwhile, as we regular folk get poorer and poorer, Democrat politicians continue to get richer and richer. While we regular citizens were getting laid off, losing our 401K retirement money and/or getting foreclosed upon, Nancy Pelosi (former Speaker of the House) enjoyed a 64% increase in her income. Rich Democrats vilify rich Republicans, Corporate America, Big Oil and Wall Street, yet they continue to build their own wealth and are richer than many of those they vilify! How do they get away with that without being called out? The answer to that is the media is not doing its job….but, that’s another blog!

Ladies, we can’t expect guys to turn away free, easy sex, so it’s up to us to kill the supply. Thanks to the feminist movement, many women think they are expressing their sexual freedom by sleeping around. There’s just one problem with that! Men still consider women who sleep around to be sluts! A guy will take that kind of a chic home, but he won‘t take her home to meet his Mother! So… Ladies… it’s up to us to have enough self respect and a sense of knowing what and how we want our family to be. God already gave us the design on marriage and family. Look at the trouble we get into when we pretend to know better than he does. The ungodly way (the way of man) has deteriorated the moral structure of our nation. We need to choose to live biblically principled lives the way we once did. I assure you, once women retake the right path, some of those guys will become men and they will follow our lead. Those who do not can resume paying for what they are now getting for free. It’s time to cut off their endless supply of easy sex and it’s time to demand commitment and accountability. In other words, it’s time to put our brains to work and be discriminating and actually choose men…not just some guy! We need to realize that real men don’t use women for sex; they respect us; they provide for their families and they don’t abandon us if the going gets rough… and ladies, real men marry the women they love.

It‘s time we remember the stock from which we came… Harriet Tubman, Maggie Walker, Sojourner Truth, Mary Shadd, Frances Ellen Watkins Harper and Maria W. Steward. These women and many more like them, put their lives at risk to fight hard for equality, freedom, prosperity and most of all… family. They achieved a LOT under their circumstances; under REAL oppression! Would you be proud of yourself if you had a chance to sit and chat with one of these women? Would you be proud that you continued their fight, or would you have to hang your head in shame because your actions have all but destroyed their every effort?

Can you imagine a society where 75% (or more) fathers are in the home providing for their wives and children the way it should be? Once we get fathers back in the home, the ills of our communities will become negligible. It’s time to realize your power, your strength, and it’s especially time to realize your worth. A woman who knows her worth knows all she needs to know. So close the gate, Ladies; keep those stray dogs out! Resume your position as gatekeepers so we can return to a moral society, which will lead to a safer, more productive, more equal and prosperous society. God Bless!

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