Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Are You Flippin’ Kidding Me!!!!!!!!!!!??

NAACP Taking Complaints About U.S. Voter Laws To United Nations | Fox News

Hold on…. let me pick my face up off the floor!  Ok… Why the HECK is the NAACP taking complaints about voter laws in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to the United Nations?   What a massive waste of time and energy; and what an insult to America and to the intelligence of it’s citizens.  The United Nations holds NO authority over the United States; additionally, US courts have already determined the constitutionality of these laws.  Are there “minorities” who are so pathetic that they can’t go to the DMV to get an ID?  Since when did skin color become an  impediment? If a person can’t get an ID, even when they’re being offered for free; then they don’t deserve to vote! You don’t have a civil right to be a lazy ass! 

This is further proof that today, the NAACP is worthless!  They are merely attack dogs for the Democrat Party. Their claim that the voting rights of the  poor, elderly and minorities would be infringed upon is totally unfounded. Some reform laws have already been passed in Georgia and there have been no negative effects.  I believe the true reason the NAACP is taking up this charge is to protect the increasing incidents  of voter fraud that’s being perpetrated by organizations like ACORN.  The Left’s Messiah is incredibly unpopular by now, so they will need every vote come 2012… and everybody knows that ACORN will register Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, the dead and people who don’t even exist!

The audacity of the NAACP is even more astounding when  some of their own executive committee members have been charged and/or convicted of various types of voter fraud. Seems they didn’t know that you can only cast one absentee ballot per individual, not 10. They didn’t seem to know that fictitious names, double voting and registering to vote in multiple states is illegal.  The NAACP needs to know that voter fraud infringes upon my rights. The voting laws in question are meant to protect legal citizens against the very actions of those NAACP committee members. The integrity of the voting process must be protected. Elections in this country are won… not stolen!

The UN can go to Hades and they should take their opinion on this matter with them. As far as the NAACP goes, I’ve been done with them for a very long time.  These days, they should call themselves the National Association of Conning  People… because that’s what they do! They have way too much time on their hands.  Let’s face it, no upstanding organization would ever go after a greeting card company over a talking greeting card that said “black holes”… because it “sounds” like “Black hoes”.  Talking greeting cards are racist, the Tea Party is racist, people who oppose Obama are racist, Republicans are racist and basically, whomever disagrees with the liberal agenda is a racist or is in some way infringing upon the disenfranchised!  After reading about this foolishness, I need a nice, cold Guinness Stout… oh… forgot… that’s a racist beer according to the NAACP misleader, Ben Jealous. 


  1. OK: as my daughters, Irene Birungi and Winnie Nazziwa, would point out to the NAACP, in their country of Uganda, showing a government-issued ID to vote is a requirement. (Even people living in mud huts manage to get IDs; I’ve seen them.) So, if they want to go to ‘international’ on this, it’s either this and/or dying the finger purple.

  2. Guinness is racist? How on God's green earth is a beverage racist?

  3. LOL Anonymous... Ben Jealous felt a bar patron asked for a Black Guinness just because Ben was in his presnce... paranoid? And something about the word stout and black rings racist to Ben Jealous. I always thought the defintion of stout was positive.