Monday, December 26, 2011

Tebow: “Get Bowed” With Him America!


The constant criticism of football player Tim Tebow engaging in a short prayer before games is really beginning to brew a hellish anger in me. I was going to ask the rhetorical question, “what’s the big deal about a man praying”, but on second thought, the question is not so rhetorical after all. The big deal goes beyond Tebow and it is just another example of the Secularists trying to erode Christianity wherever it is displayed. In other words, those that follow the religion of Secular Humanism are unwavering in their efforts to shatter the very foundation on which this nation was founded: Christianity. Connect the dots, and the picture will be clear!

The Secularists yelp and bark about Tebow incessantly, saying that he should keep his faith to himself. Really? Ok… what about the rappers who thank God for winning awards? Should they keep that to themselves? The answer to secularists is no. Would you like to know why? It’s because most of them don’t really mean it. They know it’s not sincere coming from that crowd, so there is no harm done. This crowd will not go out and exalt God in there everyday lives. They are simply grandstanding to give the  impression of a person of faith. Look at many of their lives…. does it reflect a faith driven person?

To the keen eye, it is obvious that some of these entertainer’s words and actions do not match. Many of them have arrest records longer than their arms and legs combined. They have multiple kids out of wedlock and take pride in portraying a lifestyle that revolves around money and whores, and whores and money.  They live secular lifestyles so, this crowd actually works towards destroying Christianity, and that keeps them  safe from criticism.

How about Muslims who wear the hijab, or fall down like drunks praying to Allah every four hours (or however often they pray)?  If they are wearing the hijab in public or are being allowed to pray in the work place, or any other public place, are they keeping their religion to themselves? What about the atheists who want every vestige of Christianity removed from wherever they can have it removed? Are they keeping their beliefs to themselves? No… they are not, but different rules apply to the liberal faction.

Have you noticed that you never see  Secularists attack Hindu, Buddhism, Scientology or any other “religion”? Only Christianity! I guess that’s the price to pay for being the real deal.

When Muslims are made to remove hijabs and burkas in public because wearing them will betray their religious preference, then come and talk to me about Tebow praying before a game. And when atheists are not allowed to publicly profess that there is no God, we can have this chat again!

Secularists should really adapt rules to the game that apply to everyone “fairly” (a favorite word for the liberal minded folk). As it stands, Liberals use a set of rules that oscillate. This way they can constantly change their stance to defend a liberal offending party or situation, or degrade if conservative. In other words, Liberals (same as Secularists for the intellectually challenged- all part of the Democrat Party) are some of the biggest hypocrites on the planet. Some even pretend to believe in God, but their lifestyles and actions paint a very different picture- like many of those rappers and other performers who thank God for winning an award, but then go out and get wasted drunk; rape or shoot someone, or break the law in one way or another.

To my knowledge, Tebow is true to his faith. And that just chaps some liberal hides! You see, he CAN bring others to Christianity! This is why he is so targeted! He is counterproductive to the secular movement.

Instead of beating this man down for being a Christian in a Christian nation, there should be knees bowed right along with his. I’m not saying to bow and pray for a football game… just bow and pray!

I’m not a sports fan at all, but I might have to find out which team Tebow plays for so I can watch, bow and pray with him. I encourage every Christian to do the same. Support your brother in Christ…defend your faith… “get bowed”.

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