Friday, December 9, 2011

Santa and Poinsettias… Offensive? So NOT!


Is there even room left on the offensive list for poinsettias? Everything is put there nowadays. Even jolly old St. Nick has been tagged with the big O. Every time I turn around these days, some idiot somewhere is unreasonably relegating something to the offensive list. In this case, the idiocy is stemming from officials at an elementary school in Stockton, California. They have purportedly decided that Santa and poinsettias would create a pervasive theme favoring one religion over another. I always wonder where the outrage from parents is when I hear about such senselessness. All parents who celebrate Christmas should pick a day to OCCUPY that school! This is political correctness run on steroids.

I’ll tell you what is truly offensive… attempting to take away my voice because you don’t agree with it. It’s offensive to remove crosses and other Christian icons because it might offend someone of another faith or religion. It’s offensive to erode American traditions because people who came here from other countries might be offended. I’m more than offended! I’m disgusted and outraged at those who grant themselves the power to determine what is offensive or not for ALL of us! This kind of Liberal BS is destroying this country fiber by fiber! The uninformed and the clueless do not realize that such actions slowly but surely erodes away our freedoms. Taking from one to give to another under any circumstance is always a failure!

When others immigrate to the USA, they should be told that our culture and traditions are already in place and that we do not re-arrange our way of life to appease others. Newcomers and those choosing to subscribe to other religious beliefs should know from jump street that we are a Judeo-Christian nation based upon the principles of our founding. While Santa and poinsettias are not biblical, they are festive symbols associated with our celebration of the birth of Christ. They are considered traditional symbols of the Christmas season. Will schools soon teach kids that there is no Santa? Don’t laugh… schools are already subverting Christianity… kids can’t say God in schools anymore, remember?!

Where does this stop? The fact of the matter is it won’t stop because too many people are oblivious. Declaring Santa and poinsettias as offensive is just another part to the Left’s plot to secularize and socialize this country. I don’t know what it will take to awake the sleepers. Moreover, I’m totally offended when they sleep walk their behinds into a voting booth!

I deem the officials in Stockton to be Scrooges! Take that! And, if this blog happens to offend you, kiss my poinsettia!


  1. You can find the terminally comatose people on Sunday Morning @ 11:00am Some may listening to Tom Joyner who wants Obama re-elelcted FOR NO OTHER REASON than he's (half) black.

  2. I don't listen to Joyner for that very reason... I can only take so much ignorance on any given day :-)