Saturday, June 29, 2013

Deen asks the fox to help guard the hen house?


CaptureThis story can not possibly get more ridiculous after this latest revelation. According to Black Voices, Paula Deen has reached out for help from non other than Mr. Race Baiter himself, Jesse Jackson.  According to Jackson “Paula Deen can be redeemed”.  HUH? Why does she need redemption for using the term nigger an aeon ago?

I am officially DONE with this story.  If Paula Deen is this incredibly blind and stupid, then she deserves to be excoriated!

Let’s not forget that during the 2008 elections, Jackson had to do some apologizing (I’m sure it was heart felt) himself for this comment-- "Barack...he's talking down to black people...telling niggers how to behave."   And he apparently wanted to cut off Obama’s nuts.  I'm not sure if he changed his mind on that or if he actually realized that Obama didn’t have any.

Deen used the term many, many years ago; Jackson used it more recently and probably uses it regularly…he just doesn’t get caught, and when he does get caught, the liberal media makes no to-do about it.   And please let’s not get into that foolishness of him getting a pass on the use of nigger or nigga because he’s black….pffffttt!!

Deen asking Jackson for help is like a hen asking the fox to help protect the hen house!  Let’s remember some of Jackson’s racist remarks, shall we?

  • Jackson referred to Jews in New York City as “Hymies
  • He stated that Dan Gilbert (Cavaliers Owner) had the mentality of a slave owner who viewed LeBron James leaving that team as a  runaway slave (how much was LeBron getting paid again?)
  • he said that white men fantasize about sex with black women when he interjected himself in the  Duke rape case. Let’s not forget the fiasco that case turned out to be.
  • He criticized Obama for “acting white”.  Apparently, depending on your skin tone, you must act a certain way. Go figure!
  • He told Soledad O’Brian she wasn’t black enough.  LOL!
  • He warned  members of the Congressional Black Caucus that voting against Obama care makes them race traitors (“how can you call yourself a black man”)
  • He accused Birthers of being racist for using “code” words like “birthplace”  LMAO!  He has fallen off the deep end.

I couldn’t care less about Paula Deen using the word nigger a gazillion years ago. We ALL have said or done something that we regret. I don’t even care if she said it yesterday.  Deen nor her words have power over me, so who cares. Neither do I care about the so called slave dinner that Deen purportedly planned.  I’m more appalled at the black folk who took that gig!  Anyone  asking me if I wanted a job where I dressed like a slave to serve white people would be Nat Turnered with the quickness.

Deen, from what I’ve read was a relentless supporter of Obama, so it’s really entertaining to me to watch the liberal media chew up and spit out one of their own. 

Sorry, Paula but you just don’t fit the “image” of a liberal elite.  You fit the image of the dumb southerner who talks funny…. according to liberal standards. But  since you seem to be seeking assistance from that racist, race baiting whore Jackson, maybe the problem isn’t the way you speak….maybe you’re just being flat out dumb!

Call me Paula… I can REALLY help!



  1. I have not followed this story as closely as you have. I also did not know Deen was an Obama supporter.

    We have been in the era of "newspeak" for many years now. Words "mean" what the elite want them to mean. It is a method of controlling dissent and criticism.

    1. Indeed! People don't realize they are being fed.

  2. I highly doubt that an "aeon ago" was really the last time she used the word "nigger"