Monday, June 4, 2012

When is the individual accountable for their bad behavior?


scumbag So.... at what point is the individual responsible for their own circumstances? At what point is it ok to hold a person accountable  for their actions?

For example; if a woman gets knocked up by a guy she has only known for two weeks, knowing that neither of them have jobs and that he has four babies by three other women, why should anyone else have to be a part of their equation in the form of being taxed to death to support the woman and child?

At what point do we say, YOU screwed up, not me? And at what point do we stop rewarding woman who drop babies like candy from a pez dispenser with welfare checks, WIC, free housing, free medical care, free daycare and free everything else when they clearly chose not to take advantage of free birth control?

And why do so many CONTINUE to support the behavior and entitlements that have rendered a large number of blacks as underclass citizens and in need of  government assistance (generational) for the last 60-70 years (by design… by democrats).

Let’s take the “gentleman” that has fathered THIRTY kids… if these children will end up being financial burdens on the state (taxpayers), why shouldn’t the state also have the right to sterilize men (or women) like him after the fifth kid? Tenth kid? Twentieth kid?  Why are men AND women simply allowed to procreate irresponsibly and then expect taxpayers to support their children.  When is enough really enough? Why do these people get to behave badly without consequences for their actions?!!

Shouldn’t there be some deterrents in place for this incredibly poor behavior and reckless regard for the welfare of the children they are producing? What are we waiting for… a 100 percent illegitimacy rate for blacks? We are already at 72 percent.  Do we let the white illegitimacy rate get to 72% before we say…. ummmm…. perhaps we should do something?

And for the foolish…. abortion is not the answer. That solution makes the individual even more callous and despicable.  Just throwing this in here because I know some mentally crippled person will use abortion as an argument for this issue.

Women:  have more respect for yourself. My goodness… how does a woman CHOOSE to be the third or fourth woman or even the THIRTIETH woman to “spread ‘en”  for a worthless seed dropper?  Take charge and create your own life circumstances by WAITING for a man that is willing to make you his wife instead of  a semen receptacle.  There is NOTHING cute about this behavior! 

And many of the fifty percent of citizens who pay taxes to support the non  tax payers that are guilty of this bad behavior (they usually end up paying no taxes, but get fat tax refunds)  are broke too. They can no longer afford to carry you…. and are just plain tired of you.


  1. Exactly! I don't believe that with the number of women involved they were ignorant to the fact that he was procreating with half the hood, so it appears! Judge should order all of them to get jobs and make quarterly reports to the court!

    1. It's so disgusting and of course those females knew!

  2. Love it and shared it. I agree 100%!!

  3. I just wonder how women cannot care anymore about themselves. Don't they realize God created them and they are special. No they lay down with anyone and have child after child. What a child sees as it is growing up is what it knows. Thus we have this problem because this is what they know to do.

  4. Those same people think their "civil rights" are being violated when having to take drug tests for food stamps! This is not the country we were meant to be.

  5. The males and females in our society are the domino effect of a broken person, broken families, broken cultures, and a broken society. Instead of positive choices, they choose the easy way of being irresponsible. Some say they are naive or uneducated. I think they are very attuned to what society will and will not do for them so they choose to allow society to do for them and this continues to spiral down, down into a quagmire of debauchery, low self-esteem, carelessness, thoughtlessness, thinking of no one but their own selfishness. Who suffers? The next generation who continues to sink deeper into the quagmire. Where does it end? How do we fix it? We have great people in our ranks but there are those that need a hand up. Government can't fix what they don't consider broken. Tbey need to recognize the broken before they can even consider reaching for that hand up.


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