Thursday, January 12, 2012

Piss Away, Marines…. Oorah!


Here we go again! Another attempt to paint our military men as evil, ruthless, mindless warmongers!  Well, it’s going to take more than a picture or video of Marines pissing on dead Taliban soldiers. Don’t forget that these Marines are the pissers because they killed the Taliban fighters before they could kill them.

Any media outlet attempting to make this story a big deal is pathetic. Occupy Wall Street participants, pooped on police cars, the US flag and anything else they could hang their buttholes over, but the media barely mentioned their disgusting behavior, but they will put our military men and women on the front page for public hanging.

If I were a Marine or soldier out on the battlefield, I’d piss on the enemies too.  We expect our warriors to go out there and act all prim and proper all the time, yet we have NO idea what they see and encounter on a daily basis. Let’s NOT forget that people are trying to kill them EVERYDAY!

This matter should be dealt with internally by the military and it needs to drop out of public view. If these Marines must be punished for their deeds, which was probably an attempt to relieve stress and/or anger, give them a Charlie Rangel punishment… you know, a stern reprimand…  “don’t do that again, Marine”.  Censure them and call it a day.

I for one will not allow the press to determine what I think about any given issue. They are incredibly biased and only report in ways that will promote their “opinions” or political leanings.  Face it folks, we do not have a free and unbiased press.  Oh… and this is a dot… connect it!

Most importantly… where are the complaining “victims”? Marines pissed on dead terrorists… booooo-hooooo! When our Marines start beheading people or strapping bombs on children and the mentally retarded, I’ll write another blog about their behavior, but for now…. piss away, Marines! Oorah! Always be the PISSER, and never the PISSEE!


  1. Compared to the atrocities committed by our enemies, this is tame. Videotaped beheadings are greeted with horror, but not with the disdain shown over this. Burned, mutilated bodies of Americans hung from a bridge are barely given column space.

    The Marines were stupid to do it, more stupid to video it and positively moronic to publish it, but it is not, in the grand scheme of war, worthy of the press it has received.

  2. I agree, Deekaman... the Marines didn't practice sound judgment.... but, this little "issue" is being blown way out of proportion.... NOT A BIG DEAL! Politicians do far worse on a daily basis.... Barbour pardoning murderers.... not cool!

  3. As a former Marine I can relate. After months of horrible conditions, being shot at, and blow up on a daily basis; this is minimal to what could have been done. No they did not use sound judgement by posting it for the world to see, but like stated all ready, the enemy has done far worst. I'm not saying an eye for an eye, but the mental state that must remain constant in that environment takes a toll. Funny how the organization that brought down the World Trade Center should now be shown respect. The irony.

  4. Agreed William Dove.... It was a military matter and should not have been held out for public judgment.